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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Eighteen Chefs @ Cathay Cineleisure!

I was invited to Eighteen Chefs at Cineleisure a few weeks ago for a food tasting session! I was pretty excited because alot of the CNOS2 bloggers were gonna be there too and it's actually my first time dining at Eighteen Chefs despite them already having a few branches, with one locating in Simei.

Watch my vlog taken at Eighteen Chefs!!

Brought le bf along for the food tasting!

Interior of Eigheen Chefs..


More about Eighteen Chefs.. Chef Benny, being an ex-convict himself, realised that most ex-convicts actually face alot of difficulties when they are looking for a job. Therefore, Eighteen Chefs was born to hire these ex-convicts to give them a second chance, for someone who is willing to turn over a new leaf. And why the number 18 and not like 7 or 16 right? That's because '18' is the moniker of the active local gang. Chef Benny wants delinquents to know that life offers many alternative paths - You don't have to identify as a gangster, you can be a Chef. Pretty interesting isn't it?

Ice Lemon Tea!

*slurps slurps*

64 Degree Egg
So Chef Benny was sharing with us that egg is best cooked at 64 Degrees Celsius! To eat this egg, you'll actually to slowly slurp it via a straw! How genius!

French Loaf with Roasted Garlic Confit
What sets it apart with other typical Garlic Bread is that they don't just spread the garlic on the bread and toast it, but rather they serve it with a garlic sauce separately! I don't like breads generally, but this was good!


We ate halfway... and had a kitchen tour with Chef Benny!
0.1°C more to being a perfectly cooked egg!!


IMG_0039 IMG_0041

Next up was our main course:
Heart Attack Fried Rice
What an interesting name! I remember Chef Benny sharing with us something like Singaporeans really love eating unhealthy food and even though this fried rice would supposedly give you a 'heart attack'.. many people still continue to order it. LOL. 

This dish is one of the 'MUST TRY' dishes when you're here! The beef was sooooo tender and soft I love it!! This dish also has a special story behind it.. because it was created in memory of Chef Benny's late Mum, back in the days when he was poor and all he could eat was plain rice in Black Sauce. Hence, the fried rice here are cooked in black sauce!


Nomz nomz nomz

Then the 3 winners for CNOS2 were brought into the kitchen to whip out a dish!

One of the chef demonstrating...

And yeahhh no pictures of me cooking cuz Jj was taking video throughout.. lol. BUT HERE'S THE END RESULTS:
Seafood Aglio Olio!!! And I gonna repeat what I said in the video.... "LOOKS AWESOME RIGHT?" bahahah (shameless)

IMG_0077 IMG_0087
My Seafood Aglio Olio and Don's Tom Yum Pasta!!

Together with Chef Benny.. he kept saying he don't know how to smile so he requested us to act dao together with him.. and hahah JUST LOOK AT ME. #fail

My pretty Huixin!!!


All the bloggers!

Angela Vivian and Huixin!




IMG_0088 IMG_0091
More pictures of myself together with my pasta and gifts from Cine!! :D

It was a pity I had to leave right after I cooked cuz I had to rush to Kukup and missed out on all the desserts (awwww saddd) so I have nothing about desserts to share with you guys!! Btw, if you're a student, you would definitely want to give Eighteen Chefs a visit because for only $6.40, you get a cup of Ice Lemon Tea, Baked Rice/Pasta and Ice Cream!! HOW AFFORDABLE IS THAT? This brings me to the point that Chef Benny mentioned - "We do not sell the best food, but I dare to say we sell really GOOD AFFORDABLE FOOD. There is no 10% service charge as well."

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Eighteen Chefs now!!
Eighteen Chefs
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard #04-02 (S) 239695
6736 3800

ps - stomach growling LIKE MAD as I'm typing this post at 1.52AM. *growls*


  1. think you need to update. simei branch was close down many many months ago.

  2. Really? Heard it's still there leh just that it is under going renovation!