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Sunday, June 30, 2013


On Friday, I went on a date with Jj to the new shopping mall in Jurong - JEM! Both of us wore tops which were kindly sponsored by RALPACY APPAREL! More about Ralpacy... all the designs found in Ralpacy Apparel are self designed by their team. Which means each and every customer purchases a unique design that cannot be found else where. Also, they ensure that the quality of the shirts are the best that they can offer!

I paired the white tee together with a lilac dungaree!

Love the tee alot! I can really assure you that the quality is good!! Not those typical Bangkok-ish Tshirts material whereby after one wash, the whole shirt would shrink or expand and yada yada~

Likey Jj's black tee?

P1011283 P1011284

My shuai ge ^^



I know getting gifts for your boyfriends or guy-friends can be quite a chore sometimes...  the things to buy for them are always limited but guys can never ever say NO to more shirts!! So why not get a piece today for them?
51a23d10-d894-41f3-945f-7a820a90552a-product-code-130102-26225 51a23d10-d894-41f3-945f-7a820a90552a-product-code-130103-25923


Hop on to their website for more designs!! I think they'll be launching a range of new designs really soon so do keep a watch out! ^^ Do quote 'shennyyang' for $2 off your total purchase!


x x x
Went to Forbidden City last night with my boy & his friends!!
It was my first time at Forbidden City... kinda empty inside.. I was actually quite confused if it was a club or pub lol... But the MUSIC WAS GREAT. Crowd was mehhh though. Like there was a bunch of weirdos dancing REALLY WEIRD DANCE like.... chicken dance?? Yknow like the arms flapping and flapping lol. And guys doing HANDSTAND and ROLLING AROUND on the dancefloor?? Lol idk la the whole dancefloor was like a show was us to watch. Damnnn hilariousssss

I secretly organised this gathering for my dear boy because my boy gonna leave me Monday-Friday 9am-6pm. KILL ME PLEASE :( Seriously I am gonna be soooooo bored at home... Guess I'll spend my whole time editing my trip pictures/doing my business.... Ahhhh


And my favourite bunch of guy friends!! They are the BESTTTTT!!

Okay dokey off to spend my last few hours of Sunday with Jj :'( 

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