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Monday, May 06, 2013


HI HI HI HI HI!!! In case you are wondering... YEAAA I am still stuck at home studying for my upcoming exams which is happening tmr!!!! Ahmituofuo ahhh!!! Every year I tell myself to start studying earlier but I always end up studying hardcore-ly only 2 weeks before the exams. Not good, not good at all.

So anyway, Pantene SG recently sponsored me the newest Revolutionary Liquid Crystal Shampoo - Colour & Perm Lasting Care Range!
I don't have permed hair so I hope this gonna work well for my purple ombre ends!! This series of hair care is supposed to resist loss of colours and perms with each wash so that fresh colour and perms would now last longer!

This is a picture of my hair taken on DAY 1. My purple had kinda faded into magenta/pink and hair texture still looks smooth (Thanks to Shunji Matsuo ARIMINO Caretrico Treatment!!). I will be updating again on my progress on DAY 7 and DAY 14 to see if these products work for me ^^ Stay tuned!!

- - - 

All the blogshop owners will be happy to know that now, there's another studio for you to choose from when it comes to indoor photoshoot!! And it's located at Haji Lane! Super convenient location!
Check out the video done by the team behind STUDIOBLACK. I think it's quite cool!! What do you think?

At STUDIOBLACK, they provide their customers with a cozy environment and good experience during their shoot and they are always happy to accommodate to their customers to the best they can. Call them at 8303 8988 or 6295 0859 and let them capture the moments for you!

And I think the studio rates are definitely super attractive!! Cheaper than some studios that I know of!


Besides catering to only indoor photoshoot, customers/shoppers like YOU AND ME can always drop by to shop!!! So essentially, STUDIOBLACK also acts like a retail store!! Check out some of their latest arrivals:whitefiction clothes
Omg I like so many of their clothes!!!

30A Haji Lane (S) 189223
8303 8988 / 6295 0859
Instagram: studioblackkk

Okaiiii back to studying!!!
All the best to me tomorrow and those who are having their exams as well!!! Bye!

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