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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Adv: Pantene 14-Day Healthy Hair Care Challenge!

Remember that I said I was gonna try the new hair care series from PANTENE on my previous post?
It's the new COLOUR & CARE LASTING CARE range!
Do you think that colouring or curling is your hair’s immediate death sentence? According to Lais Koelle, Pantene Scientific Communications scientist, Pantene’s newest Colour & Perm Lasting Care range empowers women for the first time ever, to achieve their desired end look, without compromising on hair health. Still skeptical? Check out the pictures of my hair progress!!

My hair condition on DAY 7 after using the products!
The original purple may no longer be obvious anymore but it has faded to a pretty shade of pink!!

DAY 14 and PINK HAIR still clearly visible!!

Honestly I am quite shocked that my purple ombre ends managed to stay on for so long (Been 1 month since I dyed it!!). I expected the colour to fade from purple to pink to brown in 2-3weeks but seems like the pink is still going on strong even after 1 month!

Side by side comparison of Day 1, 7 and 14 hair after using the COLOUR & PERM LASTING CARE range!

My hair remains soft even though my hair ends were bleached 3 times!! And I am sure the conditioner from this range played a big role in maintaining the condition of my hair! The colours of my hair may be no longer as vibrant but this is PART AND PARCEL of dyeing hair. Gotta accept that fact that colours do fade and will not always remain the same way as when you just dyed it. So I am really happy that at least the shampoo kinda slowed down the process of the colours from being washed away after every shower!

And my favourite product of all?
The 6 Week Colour Protect Treatment Program!! It instantly repairs hair that has gone through severe chemical damage and hair feels super duper soft each time after using it!! Not forgetting that it smells like heaven as well!!

For something really affordable to most of us, I would say these products do what it says and I would highly recommend this range to those who always colour/perm their hair!! Try it for yourself today and see the difference! 

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  1. Great post .The chemicals in your shampoo may dry and damage your hair, though your scalp may be naturally inclined towards grease and dandruff. Try using a natural anti-dandruff shampoo and a natural conditioner.