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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Last Day of CNY!

Today is finally CNY Day 14!
And this shall also mark the end of all the feasting, angbao collections and gambling lol! TIME TO STUDY AHHH. Anyhowz, a short entry here about the other visiting I had the past week or so.

Chalet with the Froyo Girls and Shushu!
Forgot to take pic with Huiling but yea as you can see, very few people turned up in the end cuz some decided to pangseh as they have something on last min/other reasons.. Damn sad right! But we still had our fun. And I lost relatively alot during gambling that day :( See.. never wear lucky colour is like that one :'(

Visiting at Jj's Big Aunt's Place
The house is soooo friggin big and I really like the garden alot!!

Straight after visiting at his Aunt's place, we had..
CNY Gathering with Jj's friends!

That concludes a really AWESOME and HUAT SNAKE YEAR for me!!

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