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Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Entry for Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation V2.0

Hi guys!!

So this is my blog entry for the search of Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation V2.0! 
Anyway, I did hesitate abit whether to join or not because I have not taken part in such contests so it's honestly kinda intimidating. Also, I am kind of afraid that people would judge me?! Yknow how some people can really leave hateful comments which can really be so hurtful... I SCARED MY WEAK HEART CANNOT TANK. Hahaha

But then again, We Only Live Once and we are only young once, so if I don't give it a shot now... when would be the next chance, right? You'll never know until you've tried. Live your life with no regrets. If you've always cared what others think of you, then you haven't lived your own life yet! 
If you guys are wondering what's this whole CNOS thing is about.. It is actually a hunt for social media youths who are best able to represent F.F.L facets of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard - Food, Fashion and Leisure. So basically, we have to blog, vlog, facebook, instagram and tweet about everything that we ate, clothes we find nice and interesting things we can do at Cine!

Such contests definitely comes with attractive prizes, and I really mean... ATTRACTIVE.

Top Prize:
- $1000 Cash
- Olympus Camera
- Larger than life-sized poster of myself and..

The 2nd and 3rd Prize will each win a Olympus Camera, larger than life sized poster and FFL vouchers!

- - - 
K back to my entry for this contest!!
Presenting my favourite shop at Cineleisure..




I am truly a shopaholic *ahem*
Shoes // Accessories // Bags

They have a wide range of clothes available too, from the chic casual ones to the feminine girly frocks to even punk-rocker kinda clothes to bring out the bad-rebellious-girl-feel!!
There's definitely something for every girl! Boys, this will be a great place to buy presents for your gfs!


They even carry brands like Jeffrey Campbell and Cheap Monday plus many others!!
All together in a shop just for us girls to shop in!! So convenient isn't it!


What I like the most is also how the pricing of the apparels work. 
So generally, the more you buy, the CHEAPER it is! Think of it as like shopping in bkk, the more you buy, the more discounts the person would give you right! And this is really great because you can mix and match between clothes, shoes and accessories!

#Tip: What I usually do is to camp at the cashier area and combine my sales with others to get the cheapest price! :D Must be abit bhb la to ask people if can combine together but you'll save so much more!

And also, here's a Vlog I took! 
It's supposed to be a video introducing yourself and your special memories at Cathay Cineleisure.. so I was blabbering non stop about myself.. myself.. and.. MYSELF. And of course, some special memories I had!! 
Then when I was uploading this onto youtube, I came across a couple of videos did by other contestants and now I FEEL SO LOUSY ABOUT MYSELF :( I think they all did such great jobs.. they even filmed videos of themselves in Cine? They have storyline and narration all. Fwahhh *FACE PALM*

I think I was speaking a lil too softly so please pardon me :(
And I hope I didn't bore you to death!!! Please watch and support me okay!! hehe

Ending this wordy post with 4 pics of myself!!
2*Fingers crossed*!!

Ps: Those who wish to participate as well, do it fast!! Registration closes on 24th Feb (tmr) so you still stand a chance!! :D 

Good luck to me and to everyone else!!

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