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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Chanced upon this somewhere the other day...
And I'm so gonna try it the next time I study mods like IM/Esap/FI which can be so so so soooooo boring you woudnt't even believe how boring and dry they can actually get...

Life's been so mundane and tiring. Every week is just so routine, dull and predictable. So pardon me for not updating this space regularly because... there is honestly nothing much to update about. But I am definitely looking forward to next week!! So many activities lined up:

~ Bintain on Monday &Tuesday
~ Gathering with the vball teammies on Wednesday night
~ Prezoukout Party with Avicii on Thursday night
~ My FIRST ever Zoukout Party Day 1 on Friday night (imma skipping Zoukout day2 sadly!!)
~ 6 Monthsary with Jj on Saturday!!

So jam-packed!!! I hope I will make it through the Prezoukout Party, survive my 830am-3pm lessons on Friday and still be alive and kicking for Zoukout Party after that!!! Will be updating this space so stay tuned!! :)

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