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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Guide to my New Samsung Note II !!

Hello guyzxz!
And so... I've decided to get a Samsung Note 2 last night!! The stocks for Note2 were all running low, like it was already all sold out yesterday afternoon in TM. And in the end, the poor bf had to accompany me all the way down to Parkway just so I could get my hands on this new baby!!!
Photo on 28-12-12 at 7.46 PM #2
This is how big the Note2 is compared to Jj's Iphone and my cute lil ancient blackberry LOL.
But the size doesn't matters to me cuz I LOVE IT ALOT!!! The huge interface makes everything much easier and nicer, even viewing pictures on Instagram also feels more shioookkk!!

Photo on 28-12-12 at 7.47 PM
Haha I got my phone all 'zhng' within a day. Awesome or what?!

Anyway here are some screenshots from my amazingggg phone!!
Mad love not only because it is HelloKitty, but because it is a live wallpaper!! See the yellow birds?? They will fly in the direction in which I swipe my phone page. SO CUTEEEE!!!!

Lock screen and Whatsapp

Normal Message (SMS)

Mad cute Calculator and Calendar
Love the fact that I can use the S-pen and doodle on my calendar!!

Downloaded Buddycon too cuz I find it damn adorable la. I can make his avatar dance, punch it, pull it upside down, drop it down from the top of the screen... and also I'm able to text/call/email him by just tapping on his avatar!!

THE ONLY DOWNSIDE? - I can't use my Hellokitty Live Wallpaper.. So I am using a normal HK background here. I am still on a crossroad on whether to use the Live Wallpaper (but no avatar) or normal wallpaper with an avatar :/

And something I love the most!!!
The emojis are like all animated know!! DAMN CUTE *faints*


Okay I know screenshot can't see it moving so I did a gif to show yguys!!!
gif creator at


Ending off this post with 2 happy pictures of me being really happy with my new phone!! :D

ps/ okay BUT something bad about this phone.. Emojis wouldn't display on my twitter & instagram because Dear Sammy doesn't support this function. Unless I root the phone aka 'jailbreak'. MEHHH DAMN SADDDD.

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