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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Luvest: Collection 36

Random shot that the photographer wanted to take at the end of the shoot! Seeee we were all changed out into our normal clothings! And I even took out my contacts and lashes already :'(


Some pictures for this week's collection! Oh god I swear I really look so bad in all of them...

img_9725_1024x1024 IMG_9730_1024x1024
Both the top and pants are for sale. SURPRISED UHHHH I think I have never ever appeared in my blog in pants before... right? LOL. So this is the first!!! Anw, the peplum cropped top is really cute that I can't resist keeping it for myself! :D It also comes in a darker shade of blue.

5249041_1024x1024 IMG_9615_1024x1024
And another lovely dress in Mint! :)

Btw, helping Grace for this. Anyone interested in an internship position at Yahoo Singapore from Jan - June 2013 for the Strategy Department? Interested parties please send your resume to :)

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