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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Had shoot for Luvest today after driving lesson! Did my makeup in the studio cuz I didn't want to do my makeup hours before the shoot and also, to prevent my makeup from melting!! The weather today was incredibly insaneeeee and Jj couldn't send me down for shoot today :( Ahhhhhh think Jj's been too nice, always sending me for shoots. Today was actually my first time going there without him sending me..
IMG_0873 IMG_0874
Concealing my dark eye circles~

IMG_0876 IMG_0881

IMG_0882 IMG_0883

After the shoot!
Damnnnn my eyes looked so small beside them!! :( I've already taken out my contacts and fake lashes.

OH BTWWW did y'all realised that... I NO LONGER HAVE BLACK ROOTS?? Heheh happy me! I used the Liese Bubble Hair Dye in Milk Tea Brown and it turned out great!! :)

Andddddd also I went to download this really cute theme!
Screen_20110219_012045 Screen_20120224_111121
This was the HelloKitty theme I used in the past!

And now...
munch_2012_09_16_190338 Screen_20120916_19041
K on the left is my new wallpaper which I kinda dislike. Have no idea why the top and bottom part are black in colour (eeewww) and I can't seemed to fix it. Quite sad. And the icons on the left and right are quite annoying as well. Like why can't they be at the bottom row (as like my HK theme) why must be at the side!! Abit weird, but ok getting used to it~

And can u guess which is the battery bar???? It's on the top left corner!! See that flower? Haha if its full bar, it will be a whole flower. When the battery is depleting, the flower will slowly disappear followed by the leaves. DAMN CREATIVE ISN'T IT? It took me awhile to realise that's actually the battery bar. Hahaha Yanzhen downloaded this theme too and her battery bar is in a form of a ribbon. So cute too!!

Screen_20120916_191417 Screen_20120916_191429
qt icons! Even the cursor is a pretty rainbow arrow!

Screen_20120916_232712 Screen_20120916_185954
This is my BBM! Omg the old bbm was so boring but THIS IS SO CUTEEEE!! And the font colour is pink!!! *gasp* hahaha. I especially love the rainbow signs. Ahhhhhh~

Screen_20120916_190329 Screen_20120916_222644
On the left is like some menu bar whereby I can see all whatsapp/bbms/emails instantly. Right is my crunchsms with my qt hk background ^^ Top left of the left pic is also another icon to show my battery life. No idea what's that tho haha

And the last!!!!
Few days ago, I used the Silver Polishing Cloth provided when we bought the necklace in Seoul to polish my necklace cuz it's tarnishing~ AND IT WORKS. Idk la if any random normal cloth works but I am really happy my necklace is all sparkly and clean now!! Just look at the picture!! Left heart is after polishing and the right one, as u can see, looks tarnished! I know of alot of friends who bought their necklaces in Sg but they didn't provide the polishing cloth, why so stingy one!!

Okay end of my abrupt random post! Time for beddddd! It's office hours again tomorrow! ;)

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