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Monday, July 02, 2012

Partying & Sauna

I can't believe the internet for my laptop is still not working :( omg feel like crying~~ damn helpless.

Anyway!!!! This was partying on friday night!
inside the dorm's lift!
IT WAS POURING LIKE CATS&DOGS!! And it was SO DAMN COOOLLLDDD esp when the wind blows!!!

super long queue even tho it was so cold and rainy!!




Partying wasn't really fun tho cuz we didn't drink much booze + the songs were more of house than r&b! Then again, it was an eye opener cuz the clubs here are really so different!! The people here quite siao one in the clubs!!



Supper after partying! Rice cake, tempura and some fishcake soup which is damn nice, esp when the weather is so cold!!

OOTD for yesterday!! Loving the weather, I can put on my blazer!! :D

Ok then just fast forward a little, around 11pm last night, we went for our first sauna experience!
At Dragon Hill Spa, recommended by lonely planet bahahaha~

IMG_7210 IMG_7212

IMG_7217 IMG_7216

It's only approx $12 and u can stay inside for up to 12hours!

It's sooo coool la!! There's like arcade inside, a cafe, computer room, swimming pool and all the different sauna and spa rooms!! And they'll give u this key for lockers and it's electronic, so whatever things that u buy/play, just scan the key and it's charged to ur account already!

Men & Women are on separate levels!

IMG_7221 IMG_7222

IMG_7223 IMG_7225
Cheryl and I who were both so shy initially!!
The moment we entered the girls' section, we got a shock man cuz EVERYONE were naked!!! And they were just walking around so comfortably... hahahaha then cheryl and I looked at each other and went like "Omg we are gonna see each other naked! ~.~" LOL. Quite embarrassing at first but aiya we just heck after a while... HAHAHAH. So entertaining to check out all the girls' bodies lol~

Then Cheryl and I dipped ourselves in the hot bath for too long until we were sweating and flushing so we came out and felt SO GIDDY. Hahahah everyone just dipped themselves inside for 5-10mins or so but we literally soaked ourselves inside for half an hour kind. lol.
After all the sauna & hot bath, they would just stay overnight and sleep here?? Eeewww
They would just lie on the floor and sleep EVERYWHERE.

And I mean... EVERYWHERE.
This guy really slept till likka boss. At the entrance somemore eh!!

whopppsss is this the first makeup-less shot of me on my blog? Hahaha :/ I look gross


Since school only officially kicks in tmr, we've been shopping and walking around Dongdaemun & Myeong-dong these few days!
Loots #1

Loots #2 with Jj's new bag and shoes!! Omg the shoes for guys here are so cheaaaaappppp &niceee!!

LOVE THESE BRACELETS!!!!! I only got it in red initially, but decided to get white and green the next day cuz it's so pretty!!! I want the electric blue too but okay I shall budget myself first!

This is the shopping area outside my hostel!! Love it!! There's also a cinema here, so gonna catch Spiderman!! :D
I'm holding onto alot of Etude House bags cuz THERE'S 30% STOREWIDE DISCOUNT just for today!!!! The eyeliner I swear upon is about $11 in Singapore, only $4 here in Korea + the 30% discount, it's only $2.80 wthhh!!! I bought like a year's supply already HAHAHA, lotsa masks & other facial products + stuff for my mum and friends!! :D so happyyyyyy, it's sucha great deal!!!

Loots #3. Well, actually all belongs to Jj (except for the cute tiny berms for my lil nephew haha + etude house stuff). The guys' clothes here seriously nice and good quality, wins bkk stuff hands down!! So I kept asking Jj to buy buy buy lol.

And before I end, here's a video taken in the club!!

Have a great week ahead peeps ;) luvvv from Seoul!

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