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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum!

Picture taken before I flew to Korea!!

Hello Yang LauMa!! I know I've called back to wish you already, but here's one more on my blog cuz I know you're definitely reading this (hahahah), HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!!!! I hope you will have an awesome birthday in Singapore!! :D Take care and love you!! <3 I miss all of you, my dear Yang LauPa, LauMa, Dajie & Erjie... omg and not forgetting my CAI FAN. Sigh I really really miss my cai fan so much :'(

Oh btw, I am actually blogging this using my laptop!!!!!! OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE IT, it's finally working!!! Okay not that the lan cable is working, but I am tapping into some kind soul's wireless bahahaha. It's 2.30am here now in Seoul, gotta sleep now for my 1st proper lesson tmr!! Today was nothing other than introduction, forming groups and all. I can't believe how intensive this one month programme is... I have to do projects and presentations, case studies, mid terms (WTH?!??!) which is next thursday and final paper in 2weeks time LOL. What the crappppp is this so smu style lor (eewwww). And I need 60% to pass leh.. sigh sigh sigh. Ok enough of whining, tata!!!! :D

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