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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last night meetup with Stef &Karx at Stef's place!!! <3

Look at this terror dog Brownie. It started barking NON STOP the moment we entered the house!!
IMG_6677 IMG_6678
It was so difficult to get a pic of brownie cuz he just can't stay still.

In contrast.... Momo is so damn timid and calm.
IMG_6680 IMG_6681
HAHAHAHAHAAH MOMO LAST WARNZ. This dog is damn funny?? I still rmb how it peed at my place years ago when I threw a ball at it. I thought dogs love balls and love playing 'catch' right??? But Momo shivered and peed cuz it was afraid of the ball. LOL

Then we took a 5mins stroll down to send Karx off at the bus stop. I found the surrounding damn familiar and then realised I was actually just opposite Jj's place. Lol. So then, it's supper time at Changi V with the boy! Sighhhh forever eating supper. :(

& to his house!
That's me repacking his luggage cuz he was totally NOT maximising the space inside the luggage!! Do y'all know actually rolling your clothes saves more space then folding the clothes?? Hahaha. Jj didn't believe it initially until I did it and proved him wrong. :D

Up 5am in the morning!
IMG_6694 IMG_6697
Happy boy who couldn't fall asleep cuz he was too excited to go Korea!

Breakkie at KFC!

Whooopppz I look like a tard and totally hideous but ohwellz. Byebye boyfriend!!!!
Oh btw, he's already in Korea now! Landed a few hours ago.. and he texted me to say that the custom people talked to him in korean. Lol. Omo omo jin zha?! See u tmr night!! <3

Then I went home at 8am, hibernated like a bear till 5pm and continued packing my luggage. Btw, I think my luggage confirm exceed the weight limit :(

Dinner with the family!
All the local zhichar food that I'm gon' miss!! :(


And a lovely card &prezzie from Dajie! :)

Okayyyy gotta fly to shower, finish packing up, print &download stuff into the lappie before turning in for the night!! Flying off in 8hours time!!!!
I send my luvvv <3

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