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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hi all, I just got home from supper at Swee Choon, feeling rather sinful and fat, so I stepped on the weighing scale to see how much I actually weigh now and.... OMFGZZZ I SWEAR THE FIGURE I SAW WAS SO DAMN DEPRESSING!! THIS CALLS FOR AN IMMEDIATE STARVATION. I am still in a denial mode though, so the first thing I will do tmr when I wake up is to pee and WEIGH MYSELF AGAIN. I better be like 2kg lighter or something. When I told my friends how much I've gained, all of them just replied "It's impossible!!!!" BUT IT'S THE TRUTH. THE FIGURES ON THE SCALE WON'T LIE. Let's just pray.... :/

Oh btw, those Chilled Chicken in that bowl on the right IS. DAMN. SHIOOKKKKAAANAADENNN!!!!!!!!!! It's freaking nice la I had 2 servings of it. FAT DIE ME kthxbye.

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