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Saturday, February 04, 2012


You know your life starts to go wrong when you can't even say the truth or to be the 'real-you' infront of your loved ones - close friends/family/bf/gf. When you're just... not being true to yourself.

For the past 2 days, I already had 3 gfs of mine approaching me for help over their relationship issues. Fact is, my relationship was quite in a mess as well, yet they chose to confide in me and heeding my advices. Probably because surprisingly, I could pick myself up quite well and remained strong after all that has happened to me. Sometimes I really wanna bash guys left-right-up-down... I mean... WHY DO Y'ALL HAVE TO LIE!?!? Whether is it to club/poker/meeting other girls or others.. WHY HIDE WHY LIE!? IS IT A COMMON HOBBY OUT THERE? It's the #1 thing never ever to do to a girl yknow?! U SHOULD NEVER EVER UNDERESTIMATE A GIRL'S 6TH SENSE AND THE ABILITY TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH. Who says lying helps?!?! To hell to those replies like "It's just that I don't want you to worry", "I lied because I know you'll be sad and affected and I didn't want you to be like this", "I hid the truth cuz I didn't want you to overthink..." &all those super canned lines. It's only DOUBLE the impact when the truth is out ok!! And it causes a strain on relationships cuz the trust is gone... Sigh sigh sigh.
I totally feel for them cuz whatever they are telling me right now, are almost the exact same words that I used to say to my other friends. I really hope all these guys start treating their gf the right way. They are all such awesomexzx girls and I'm sure they are great girlfriends, they just don't deserve any of these shit.

I don't understand why girls suffer the most everytime after a failed relationship whereas most of the time... the guy usually gets over it quickly. Maybe girls treasure and value relationships more than guys do, or that we hold onto fond memories which we are not willing to let go.

Happened to stumble across this on Weizhen's blog:

Whatever the reason is, guys will never understand girls, just like how maybe girls will never understand guys.
And that explains why "Guys are from Mars, Girls are from Venus".

ps: Just spent some time reading all 446 entries of mine & re-labelled some of the labels at the side bar! Those ol' days...


  1. Guys lies to girls who are needy and clingy..... Yet to see a guy lie to a girl who is confident of herself because there is no need to

  2. But you know if your gf happens to be the needy/clingy type, if you lie and the gf manages to find out the truth.. Won't you make her even more paranoid and needy/clingy? I just feel being honest right from the start is the best solution to all. Why hide things from your partner right!? Like for me, I hate finding out the truths and yadayada myself. :<

    btw, i don't really get your last sentence?? "Yet to see a guy lie to a girl who is confident of herself because there is no need to"???? uh?