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Friday, February 03, 2012

Land of Smiles

FLIGHT BOOKED! Now, time you just need to fast forward :)
+ Someone tell me I should not procrastinate any further!! Time to write my essay for my exchange program! Can't wait for it as well!!!!

"People always ask me why I take so many pictures of everything. It’s not because I’m full of myself, or I think I am a great photographer. I take pictures because it helps relive memories much more vividly, and possibly help me remember things that I have forgotten about. When I see a picture I can remember the emotions I was feeling, what I was doing, where I was at, it takes me back to a point in time all over again. There are times that I wish I had taken more pictures, I don’t want to feel like that when I’m older. I don’t care if anyone thinks it’s annoying, cough Dalton, I know I will continue it forever and savor every one." - Shelllsea

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