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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Private Blog

Yeap!! I've finally created a new blog SOLELY JUST FOR MYSELF.
Now I can pen down all feelings/rantings whichever and however I want it to be!! Without anyone judging. Without anyone criticising. Without anyone asking. Without the fear of people reading it.

Ok maybe I'll let a few good friends know (that is if they ask me) but that's about it. ;)

ps: I was all in tears while typing my first post :'( If people could read my mind and know what I've been thinking and going through, you would all probably be in tears as well..


  1. Don't you have a hello kitty pen? You might as well keep a hello kitty diary.

    P.S can get it from taka.

  2. Haha nope i dont have a HK pen! Anw, i dont want a diary cuz i'm too lazy to write. And if i want a diary, i want my handwriting to be REALLY NEAT. If i have to write down lotsa stuffs, it's gg to be so difficult :(

    Typing is easier isn't it!!