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Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Ladies Night of 2011!

It was a SUPER DUPER IMPROMPTU decision to head to Phuture that day!! We decided only after I ended teaching tuition which was 8pm? hahaha it was the last ladies night of the year so it was FRIGGIN PACKED. But I honestly didn't expect it to be THAT mad packed. 1030pm and phuture was full house already?!
We only had the stamp to Zouk :'(

P's friends, Bc and Daryl (used to calling him Alex though)!

IMG_2268 IMG_2261
Kareena and Eileen ^^
Eileen's hair still damn red can. How jealous is that!! Mine's already brown?? :(


Kareena who was super gone that night. like really g-o-n-e hahaha. EMPTY STOMACH REALLY KILLS.
Luckily Eileen was there to takecare of her!!! Cuz I was running around looking for P/trying to collect their bags for them which the security just wouldn't allow!! How annoying is that?!

IMG_2279 IMG_2280


hahaha kareena...

IMG_2271 IMG_2287

Saw so many friends that night!! Everyone were literally everywhere hehe. And can you believe it..... Yeaa I forgot to take a picture with P -.- lol

Then today, met the other 2 lonely souls again for movie!! Watched 'The Darkest Hour' and it was kinda good...except that the ending left us all (????). We came to a conclusion there's gonna be a 2nd part to it! The invisible alien was kinda lame though lol.


IMG_0897 IMG_0899

I have so much free time on hand now and I really hate how free I am. I want those mad packed busy days back!!! I need to find something to occupy myself. I NEED TO BE BUSY. Or else I'll be a sad soul thinking of those sad stuffs... :(

Tmr is the last day of 2011 already. HOW TIME FLIES RIGHT.
Can't wait to countdown tmr to 2012!!!

2012 GOT TO BE A BETTER YEAR. IT HAS TO BE! Cuz 2011 has been far too sucky for me :'(

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