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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mulberry Leverton

2 months have passed since the incident of Mulberry Leverton. If you have been my twitter follower or been reading my tumblr every now and then, I'm sure this name isn't alien to you. I thought things have pretty much cooled down. But recently someone has been trying to stir shit up again on my formspring, hence I've decided to come clean once and for all. And I also do not wish to drag this matter anymore &hopefully this post would put a closure to everything. Of course i'm sure, avid readers like you guys are curious on how I managed to find out about the thai girl - G. &to G, this should also be an answer to you on how I managed to find out everything.

(warning first this post gonna be wordy with very little pictures cuz I deleted some of the evidences in a fit of anger hahahah)

So here goes~

Everything started out from just a simple FORMSPRING. I always had this person named Mulberry 'smiling' at my questions that I replied on my fs. And most of it, they are questions on BKK. I found it weird initially but didn't give two hoots about it. One day, I finally received a question from Mulberry. It says "You cute :D" and of cuz I replied casually like oh that's sweet, thanks etc. It's quite rare of someone using her own account asking people questions on fs, moreover praising the other person. So I finally clicked on her profile but at that point of time, I didn't pay much attention to it.

Then I received a question from her yet again and it says "Does your bf has a twin cuz he looks like mine". Honestly, it didn't bother me and i actually replied "Nope! Maybe your bf really looks like mine hahaha". Maybe only after... 5 minutes later? Then it dawned on me that THIS IS REALLY SUSPICIOUS. So once again, I clicked on her profile, read through her questions. Okay I must state this that it is very obvious this person asked questions himself/herself and then answer. The main objective? IS TO LET ME READ IT.
The fake identity this person used was a "Model Traveller". I remembered she answering this question and it was something like "I am a model traveller. I'm in London. My bf is in Singapore. We met in Bangkok. We have a special relationship." (picture that in awful broken english).
My thoughts started running wild and like "yea true... P is from sg... yea true... p just went to bkk...."

Then she started adding me on fb. I rejected. She added again. I finally accepted it.

1st October 2011 (Saturday)
I remembered I had my jc class gathering that day. I even gave away my work to meet up my old friends. But I was still early and so I decided to use FACEBOOK. I was browsing my news feed as usual until i saw a PICTURE OF P. AND IT WAS UPLOADED BY MULBERRY LEVERTON. The caption of the picture was "Pete in Thailand"
I was dismayed.

2nd October (Sunday)
'She' started blogging.

FYI, the girl in the picture IS NOT G. Until today, we still can't figure out who's this girl. I mean... this fake identity has LOTS of pictures of this girl. In her fb.. blog.. formspring etc.

3rd October (Monday)
I was refreshing her formspring and to my surprise the account was locked. I refreshed again. Then ALL previous questions were deleted. I refreshed yet again. There was only one new question left:

Obviously, asking himself/herself again and then answering. Can this person even be more bored?!
Oh erm, as you can see. Profile picture is P. He/she actually uploaded 3 pictures of P in Thailand.

Not long after, i received a formspring question in PERFECT ENGLISH saying something along this line like "fyi, pierre went twice not once to bkk. When he was there, he was with G throughout. Don't assume anything when you dont know".

I called P if he went ONCE or TWICE. He insisted on ONCE. I believed him. And i was thinking to myself why would he even have the time to go a 2nd time... since after the bkk trip, he started school already.

Still, he wouldn't tell me who was the thai girl he met over there. I guess I inherited some detective genes from my parents (HAHAHA) and I tried to find out who might be the girl. In the end, I guessed that it was G. But I had no evidence to confirm it was indeed her.

4th October (Tuesday)
I swear this person is only active at night.
I received an anonymous email titled "for you". The name of the sender really looked ambiguous (not mulberry leverton) and I was so close to deleting it cuz I thought it was a junk mail. But i was thinking to myself, why isn't this mail filtered straight to my junk mail folder? Curiosity killed the cat and I read the email eventually. There were 11 picture attachments and I was checking the mail using my bb.
I saw the attachments titled 'g', 'gg', 'ggg' 'gggg' u get my drift.
I opened it.... and OMG. IT WAS 11 PICTURES OF THEM IN BKK. I COULD FEEL MY WHOLE BODY WEAKENING. THOUGHTS RUNNING WILD. I didn't know was i hurt? or angry? or..?? But anyway, the pictures confirmed that my guess was right. It is indeed G. (I shall be nice and not upload their pictures)

Of course, I stomped to Pierre's house demanding an explanation. And that's the night he decided to come clean.

Until today, we still do not know who's the person behind Mulberry Leverton since G denied it was her. I guess this person's plan is to make me angry/hurt/hate P and that I would eventually leave him, so that P and G can be together. Guess what? YOUR PLAN BACKFIRED. Too bad. P and I can also roughly guess who's the person. I mean.. who gets to access G's fb pictures?? Must be a friend of hers. Who knows so much about me and P as well as P and G? Who was the one who posted in perfect english on my formspring? Who could actually be the one who wants P to be with G the most?? WHO?!

I admit I was in fault as well because at that point of time, I had Joven. P and I drifted apart, I felt really neglected and that gave me a chance to get close to another guy. Initially i thought it was because we were both tied up with school&work. Even when we broke up, he assured me that there's no girl involved. If only he was honest with me about it...

Do you guys still remember that I went to Phuket in July? Yeap... that was actually the FIRST TIME he went to bkk to find G. WE WERE STILL TOGETHER THOUGH ROCKY. Can you imagine how devastated I was when I found out? Just picture yourself in my shoes. And he broke up with me only after that, when i was still in Phuket. I cried like a loser in Jx's arms I swear. I find it really selfish of him to push the entire blame to me when we broke up.

You must be wondering how P got to know G? Well, he has a friend called J. J has a thai girlfriend. G is the gf's goodfriend, and so they all went Zouk together. I reckon you could figure the rest out yourself.

And this is for you J, I'm so utterly disappointed in you. To think I actually treated you like a FRIEND. Who was the one who lent you econs notes for your exams? Who was the one who gave you privileges at frolick? You can even asked me out for drinks? Asking me to bring my frolick friends out while you'll ask bc etc along. And I cannot believe that you can actually attended my birthday party along with your thai girlfriend admist all these. I was SO FOOLISH and STUPID to even confide my problems to you. I must be blind. And i quote you from fb "Thanks S, for the free entertainment you give to us every morning. Your life drama ke ma ma". Yup, thanks to you that i'm having this drama. Thanks to you that P got to know her. Thanks to you that you even supported him of doing so. THANKS SO MUCH.

Even after all these, P and I both forgave each other and we're back together. We are still trying our best to work out those indifferences. But sometimes, I just feel really tired and exasperated, and I feel like giving up. On one hand, I know my parents isn't exactly supportive of me getting back with him after this incident. Even though they don't say it, but I know they don't like it when i'm out with him. I feel so... trapped. On the other hand, I clearly know some of his sec school friends dislike me (J happens to be in this clique fml). This adds on to the burden i already have. It's like... whatever that you do, even if it's right.. they don't like you means dont like you right? I feel like nothing I do will ever make them change their opinions of me. (fuck i'm in tears already)

I even tried giving up this relationship a couple of times. But a relationship is between the both of us, no? P is not even giving up, why should I give up?? But it kinda saddens me that I can no longer join them for suppers &all cuz J would be there. We used to always supper/poker together. Sigh. Some of my friends changed their opinions of P as well after this incident. Some things... are just not going to be the same ever again.

Now, who can understand what I have gone through?

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