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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

New layout!

Heyyooo how do you find this 'new' look for the blog??? Ok yah yah I know it's actually not much of a difference hahahaha :p
I wanted a background image (something like my tumblr) but the image JUST WOULDN'T FIT PROPERLY. A clear picture would have a file size that is too big to be uploaded into blogger. If I resized it, then the image is too small for my liking to be a background. How screwed is blogger you tell me?! Tumblr is so much easier in this aspect. And I removed the blog banner as well cuz I'm pretty sick of the picture (it's been slightly more than a year) but but but... I can't find any suitable picture to replace it. SAD MUCH. *pouts again. Hahaha so I resorted to just having my name. I removed one of the nuffnang ad banner as well cuz I think it can get pretty messy. Changed the side bar a little as well.

I've been on a change-blog-layout-mode-quest recently hahaha that's why the sudden change in both my domain and tumblr!! Pretty satisfied now, ahhhhh~ :D

Now all I have to do is to wait for my dear P to be back to help me shoot some pretty pictures for the banner hehehehee.

OH OH OH!!!!!
And btw if you haven't realised.... WICKED IS NOW SHOWING IN SINGAPORE AS WELL.

This is a freaking NICE^infinity musical!! Must go catch it!! Hopefully the standard is the same as the one I caught in London!! Highly recommended!!!
IMG_0608 IMG_0613

Haha amazingly I can still remember the tune of the songs &part of the lyrics!!

Wellz, P hasn't really been contacting me much cuz THERE IS NO 3G IN CEBU. CAN U BELIEVE IT?!
So he's pretty much uncontactable. :( I'll only get his whatsapp like once in every 20hours when he's back in the hotel with wifi, even so, the wifi connection sucks. AND HE PROMISED TO SKYPE WITH ME EVERY NIGHT BEFORE HE LEFT. This is the 2nd night already and we haven't skyped at all. Urghhh..

Ok I wonder if he has been writing his diary diligently. Tsk~

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