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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


To whoever's been posting up saying Cass is a bitch, who's been backstabbing me and all, seriously stop your childish act OKAY!? Cuz i really trust that Cass is not like this.
If u're really so unhappy me being so close to her and all, why not tell me face to face/Cass, let us know who you truly are? Let me know what has Cass been 'saying'? It kinda pisses me off quite badly to be receiving questions bout Cass yadayada, Cass blahblahblah etc~~

Oh anw...


So awesomeee, 7days flew past just like that! Jx and I totally don't feel like coming back to SG, where we gotta face reality and all again :'(

Yup and i will try to post up pics&videos asap okkkkk??? :)

Sis's customary a few days ago was pretty awesome too ;) And we had a presidential suite over in MBS the later part of the day.. whoooooo!!!! Can't wait for her wedding this friday.... then it's my BIG 21st THIS SUNDAY!!!

Okay actually i feel quite sian for my 21st. Cuz as y'all know, my life is kinda screwed up now.
I haven't quite gotten myself a proper outfit for my birthday.
Decorations not bought.
Just ordered my cake, the person said she'll take in my order but till now no confirmation email which is quite worrying :(
Food not ordered, but i gave the responsibility to my dad LOL.
Alcohols not bought...

Sigh sigh sigh, just hope all would go well on that day.

I'm sucha fucking mess right now.

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