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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I think I've done enough

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Today was finally a day off, so i took some time out in the noon to surprise yj during his lunch break, &more importantly, to talk things out~

Well, all i can say is i've done my part in trying to salvage whatever that's remaining.
The rest is up to him to decide.

It's kinda tiring to always be the one giving, &not be the one receiving at the other end. Always the one accommodating to his schedule. Always the one travelling all the way down just so i could meet him.
Yup i know some people blame me for today's outcome, but do y'all really know the story? Nah i doubt so.

All i ever wanted, was to be more treasured, to be treated more like a gf, to be doted on, to be better cared for.
Was it really that difficult to be asking from you?

Sigh i know there's no point talking about it anymore, so yuppp, i've made up my mind to stop bothering u with stuffs, asking u for explanations, trying to get an answer for myself. Time will tell, & i will not know what the future holds too. So, gon' just let fate decide everything.

Can't wait to get out of Singapore again, another 3weeks.. Time, please fast forward will you?

This time, i'd really need some quiet peace. Some time alone to find back myself.

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