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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hihi I'm finally back from Paradise Phuket!! Ohmaigawd life there was so awesomeee!! Loving the clear water, perfect weather and the usual, friendly thai people! The partying there is so hardcore that we only slept an average of 2hrs every night -___- free entries into clubs, free drinks every single night (really drink until doh), and the bouncers are all so friendly! haha omg i may have already know almost every single staff working in Seduction Discoteque already -,- hahahaha and not forgetting the dearest dj who became our 'chauffeur', bringing us to places like Phuket Town for night market, and he even fetched us to the airport today! :) Then it was the boat captain who brought Steph & I around to snorkel and showed us the different things ^^ And our James Bond Island tour guide, who became our personal canoeist & tour guide despite us travelling with alot others.... Not forgetting some random people along the way who will alway pick up a chat with us and make us :) ok... starting to miss Phuket :( As i'm blogging this post, i'm also listening to this 1hr non stop music spinned by the dj! I can literally party in my own bedroom already hahaahaha~ pictures sooooon i promise! :)

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