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Friday, October 15, 2010


OMG TESTS ARE FINALLY OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! :D Results apart, now i am having my 4days break so.. i decided to make sushi for the bf today!! The initial plan was to accompany him to sch in the morning and i'll head back home for sleep but i thought it'd be rather meaningless to just stone with him on the train and so...

I woke up at a friggin timing of 4am to cook the jap rice, prepare the vinegar recipe i got online cuz i thought i can use normal vinegar from home, then i realised cannot any-o-how use vinegar got specific kind one walau... so i had to google online on how to make the vinegar receipe =.= then prepare the ingredients (hotdog crabmeat tuna) very pathetic i know........... then start the wrapping!

Ok this is the end result, pretttttty? I tried my best okkkkkkk, my first time :( Anyway, it was a wrong move to pack the marshmallow together with the sushi cuz at that point the sushi they were all still warm, the marshmallow melted and B said the sushi became colourful + sweet :(

oh and i had work together, so i removed my nail colours..
Picture 015
miss them! :(

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