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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today we set sail for an expedition to look for the perfect "V" Xiao Tian Tian dress to prepare myself for Yj's birthday which is this coming sunday.
I dont know what is defined as the perfectooooh "xiaotiantian" dress, but all i had in mind was the dress gotta be lacey, creamy-baby pinkish, flowery....... And after much hunt, like after 2 HOURS!!! I finally found a dress that suits all the above.. :) I dont know whether it will be considered nice/the perfect xiaotiantian dress to yguys or what, but for me, i think its good enough! Teehee.
And we also hunt for Yj's perfectoooh gift for his 20th birthday. Seriously, this time round, I dont know what else to give, or rather, what else he lacks! I've given him watch, wallet, clothes, more clothes, ALOT OF CLOTHES, shoes, slippers.... WHAT ELSE!?!?!? Ha, but anyway, got a gift for him, within the budget he set for me too cuz he doesnt likes it when i spend so much on him :p

Ohya. Think i forgot to mention who i set sail this expedition with...... its..................... BESTIE!!!! haha sucha silly girl uh she, initially i was planning to wear all black, so i told her, and she too, wore all black, BUT i changed decision last min cuz the weather was TOOOO friggin hot i have to dump the black clothes aside for more cooling onezz. And when i met her, WHOOHOO STEFFFY WAS IN ALLL BLACK, like miss gothic. Lol.
And i forced her to bring her baby out - Nikon D90. :)


See DSLR can even capture the steam can...... like cool only.





I think stef was talking to me and i was like smiling damn widely when she capture this..... I look so.... HAPPY CAN?!





Miss Gothic


Like dog only






our favourite - chokooolerteee ooowwweeeooo ice blend ;)

Had a fun day today, hopping from town to bugis in sucha hot weather. Towards the late night, we settled @ Rockery to have a nice chit-chat session, and i revealed my TOP secret to her..... think she revealed hers to me too :) Haha.... think we got nth to hide from each other anymore :)

Anyway gotta get flu vaccination tmr, and i hate injectionsssss!!

Back to 1bux in bank acct :(

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