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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Yst, me and my sis went over to the new mall in bugis!! My verdict - NOTHING MUCH!! Seriously, the crowd there is quite miserable. Haha, and not many shops are open. Oh well, we settled at Waraku for our dinner ;)






Today saw me waking up at 7AM IN THE MORNING!!!! Gosh..... its been MONTHS since i woke up this early.. I woke up this early reason being i had to be at MOE at 9am to sign the bond!!! =.= Well i dint expect so many people to turn up, a total of 132 people!!! koolz. But i overheard them talking it fall short of their expectation. teeheee. The talk was boring, kinda dozing away.. haha! Man, how can a person like me be a teacher?!?!?!? Die.
Well, im starting my school on the 27th of july. Well, not exactly school to start with. I have to execute this "teacher training agreement" first, meaning i have to be kind of a "relief teacher" in a school for 1-1.5years, before admitting into NIE. What is this man!!!!
Better not be some school all the way in Jurong or else i will flip and faint :O

After the talk and whathaveyou, dad came over to fetch me home and i immediately dozed off, before waking up to meet up with my aunt and cousins!!! I tell you its KOOLZ!!
My aunt actually had a lucky draw.. and she got a $1000 DOLLAR SHOPPING VOUCHER IN TAMPINES 1. LOL!
So we went to have a feast in.... MANPUKU!!





ok la, actually still have lots more of food but my mouth is faster than my hands! :O
Devoured it before snapping a picture of them! hehe

$10 voucher x 100


And so... the total bill was... $182!!!!
like WOW!!

Then we started our shopping adventure.... lol. the guys wanted to buy jeans so we went over to uniqlo. Bought 2 boxers for myself (i mean using the voucher) and the rest, all bought by my cousins and the bill was $450!!

Is it $450? Aiyah not very sure, the only thing i know was that the bill was four hundred plus lah.. Man. $.$

Aunt bought me a trench coat too which costs 100bux. :O

Well on the way home, happened to chance upon Jess and we chat for a while before she meets her honey! lol.


Well there u see.
Such a FOODY post, hence the title.

Till then, goodbye!!!!!!!

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