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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Mailord I'm waking up later and later as days pass... like 3PM TODAY!!!

Anw when i woke up today, I was greeted with a lovely message from bestie, "Bestie you want play volleyball today?" hehe of cuz i agreed! Its been sucha long time since i last played with her! ;) And of cuz, FINALLY get to meet up with her :)

Shall skip all those volleyball nonsense because we played a while and became like "heh heh chuan", then we sat down and catch up and TALK alot alot before deciding to get some dinner. Ended up watching the 7pm show @ my place because its the last episode. Well... we went to Tampines1 to have our dinner because my dear friend here havent been to tampines1 before!!! I was like "ARE U SERIOUS NOT?!". lol.


K we settled at this korean bbq chicken store and ate the chicken charbroiled :)
am hungry now again :(

Well when we were about to leave tampines1 and head back home, happened to chance upon Eileen and Pearl. I think we crap damn alot, talked all sorts of funny jokes and laughed like a pig by a joke made by stef, which I wouldnt write it down here cuz it may sound insulting but still, its the joke of the day can!! Damn hilarious! :D
And they are like teasing me with names like "Miss Young u forever will be young leh, even if old, become Mdm Young, still young can" (Miss Yang). Stuffs like "shenny better dont marry a guy with the surname "oh" if not from miss young become mrs old!!!" =.=
But seriously, I wonder when will the next volleyball gathering be. Hai, guess it will be difficult with all sorts of conflicts within this team.

Sian, getting quite lazy to blog here...
so toodles! ;)

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