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Monday, April 20, 2009


Hi all how was your weekend doing for u!!! :) Well i had so much fun... which explains why i didnt blog over the weekend :D keez.

Anw fri night i went over to phuture with bestie, B & some of his bunkmates.. I dont know what's with phuture that night cuz the music was like some unknown R&B songs mixed with techno.. and it was like this till prolly 2.30am? And the crowd was...... (self explanatory) but I gotta admit the fact that there were quite a number of pretty girls that night, that left me&bestie feeling so inferior... teehee!
And after 2.30am the DJ FINALLY PLAYED NORMAL R&B SONGS.... BUT... I think he's emo or something because all the songs were like slow-lovey-heartbreaking R&B songs. =.=
Well but luckily towards the end, the music was better :) K i partied till the club closed, which is 4am, and then hang around outside Zouk, witnessing a fight for idk what reason, before finally reaching home at 5+ am and then sleeping at 7am! Ohgosh!

Mum was so pissed off that i came back so late :O hahaha!




Saturday saw me crawling out of bed like a turtle cuz i have to meet Atiqah to go to town! Man i was SO SO SO damn tired, seriously!

Anyway, i seriously should not ever, EVER step out of TAMPINES, or even, step out of my place! (think... tampines 1 has got topshop!!!) Cuz u know what..... YES U GOT IT RIGHT. I was in far east, and the next thing? YAY IM HOLDING ONTO SHOPPING BAGS......

Someone come slap me please!!!!
Ok so from now on, till the 8th of june, i will NEVER EVER STEP INTO TOWN AGAIN!!!! (i hope...) Unless u guys sponser my shopping (but who will ever sponser my shopping?!).


We ate at some thai restaurant at the 5th level i think. It was my 1st time there though :)
But ironically, what we ate wasn't thai food at all!!! :O

Wantons cuz Atiqah wants it.

I ate black pepper spaghetti with seafood.

And Atiqah ate cheese baked rice.

So u see.... ALL NOT THAI FOOD AT ALL! lol!

After town, met up with B to... EAT!!!
But before eating, we went UNIQLO to check things out again cuz we both havent had a chance to get into the shop because of the NEVER-ENDING QUEUE....... so..... my verdict: NOT QUITE GOOD!

Ok seriously, i dont think the clothes are wow-WOW. In fact, i think its quite ____ ( u fill in the blanks). Haha. The Uniqlo clothes my sister bought for us from London seems to be nicer though ;) But in anycase, i still bought stuffs. OF COURSE MUST BUY RIGHT AFTER QUEUING FOR GOD DAMN 10MINS!!!!
So i bought a very long tee, long enough to be a dress, while B bought some boxers (wow so sexy) lol and a tight fit gay singlet. LOL! Yay singlet to match cardigan :)

Then we head over to PuTian to have our dinner.

Sweet&Sour Pork with Lychees. Damn nice :)

Veges, with salted egg? K i was expecting it to be veryvery nice cuz its like $12 for a plate of veges... WTH RIGHT. But i think it was so-so only and its DAMN EXPENSIVE LA.... The sweet&sour pork only $10 ok!!!

ohmailord i love this LORMEE :) Only $6 and its enough for 2person!!!!! K the photo looks gross cuz i was so f-hungry i attacked it immediately when it was served. And then only to realise i forgot to take a photo of it when i was half-way through alr.... So.. ya. lol.

Oh ya girls!!! I hate EXCESS STOCKS... So been thinking what to do with them.. and so....
I'M GOING TO LOWER THE PRICE YET AGAIN!!! Really hate those stocks nua-ing at my place!! So please support!! Everything going below $20! I'm alr selling it at ALMOST wholesale price ok so no more reason for u to say NO!! ;)

Please check it out :)


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