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Monday, September 26, 2016

Follow me to #WonderfulIndonesia

Jakarta >> Bandung >> Yogayakarta >> Lombok >> Komodo Island >> Bali
15 Days
8 Flights
10 shades tanner
& lots of memories made :)

Kudos to Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia for making this trip possible and for having me once again! :D I definitely had a blast during this amazing Trip Of Wonders 2016 influencer trip! Watch my #FollowMe Vlog as I take you to the places I visited during this trip!

Now here's your chance to visit Indonesia as well! MOT Indonesia presents the Trip of Wonders Quiz where you can win a trip for two to either heavenly Bali or the legendary Komodo Island! Contest ends on 5th October 2016, quiz link here:

So good luck guys!!
I can't wait to share with y'all more of my trip details over the next few weeks :)

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