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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Venus Skin Institute


2 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Venus Skin-Aesthetic Institute for the first time!
Venus Skin-Aesthetic Institute combines cutting edge treatment with professional skin care products to provide customers with the most complete, professional and comfortable experience. They pay special attention to the most important people - their customers (this I can vouch!!!!). The moment I stepped into Venus Skin-Aesthetic Institute, I was greeted by the friendly and smiley staffs which made me felt very welcomed! :)

Ambience of Venus Skin-Aesthetic Institute:
P5256713 P5256722

Cozy & relaxing environment!

Treatment room:
P5256723 P5256724
As alike to the ambience of the whole environment, the treatment room was comfortable and pleasant! It's definitely much more luxurious looking than most spas that I visited elsewhere!

At Venus Skin-Aesthetic, they provide quite a few services such as their signature infusion face spa, hair removal, spa massage and spa waxing just to name a few~  So well, can you make a guess which treatment that I was going to try out??







It's their BUST TREATMENT!!! Hahahah caught you by surprise didn't I?
Yes! Venus Skin-Aesthetic Institute has recently launched a new service - Bust Enhancement Treatment! This is a cosmetic treatment designed to nourish, develop and enhance breasts! Wow they are definitely an all-rounder spa salon huh ;)
A picture of me prior to the bust treatment inside the relaxing treatment room :)

And well... these are the sophisticated products and equipments used for the bust treatment!

Mmm obviously I couldn't take any pictures during the treatment process... 
So I am going to try my best to describe the whole treatment experience to you girls!!
  1. The treatment started off with using their special machine~ Because breast cancer often spreads to the axillary (underarms) lymph nodes, this machine was to help unblock the lymph nodes to allow toxins to be drained out!
  2. Once the toxins are out, we can now start working on the boobs! This same machine can also be used to help 'shape' the breasts to make it fuller and rounder! I could really see the difference when my therapist did one side only! Personally, I also think this is what makes Venus Skin-Aesthetic Institute different from the other bust enhancement salons - the others usually involve massages & oil only but over at Venus Skin, they also employ the use of machines!
  3. After we were done with using the machine, the treatment was then continued with a Bust Rebuilding Formula from Italy, Biotense! They also use a 100% active formula with high formula! The pneumatic massage did hurt a little but it was bearable! Well, no pain no gain right? Hahahaha
  4. After the pneumatic massage, my therapist applied Biotense mask all over my breasts for firming, lifting and contour purposes!
  5. In a nutshell, the whole Bust Treatment process consisted of Enzymatic Peel >> Lymphatic Point Drainage >> Pneumatic Massage to increase the breast volume >> Biotense Wrap >> Biotense Bust Mask >> Lifting Serum Infusion!
  6. Besides all the above treatments, I was also given a back and head massage which was super comfyyyy! Remember? They provide massage services after all! My therapist was really skillful!
Now here are the results!!
This piece of paper was pasted onto the wall to measure where the tip of my nipples would be~ Just compare the before and after! With only one treatment, my bust was lifted and became so much perkier!! :D My therapist also did the exact measurements for me - the left side was lifted 1cm while the right side was lifted 1.5cm! While my overall size didn't increase (I was told that you would probably need 5 sessions to see the increase in size), but it was visibly reshaped to be perkier!

Ps: Gotta give a shout-out for their amazing tea!!! I had both the Chrysanthemum tea and the Luo Han Guo Tea... omg both were sooooooo good!!! The friendly staff over at Venus Skin even gave me more cookies cuz I was really hungry hehehe :) Service was good!

Prior to the treatment, I was honestly skeptical when I was told that I would see a result immediately after the treatment~ But I guess I was sold. There is definitely an immediate lifting effect, plus my boobs look much fuller and firmer!

Here's some pictures taken after the treatment!
P5256736c P5256736b
My friendly, professional therapist and I! Do look for her when you're there!!


For any women for who would like to improve the appearance of their breasts, look no further! Venus Skin-Aesthetic is your solution!! Currently, to celebrate their new launch, they are having a special trial price - $28 for 12 treatments!! SAY WHUTTTT!!! What a good deal!!!
Besides, Facebook followers get an additional gift set upon location check-in! ;)

For more information:
Venus Skin-Aesthetic Institute
12 Gopeng Street #01-59/60, 64-67 Icon Village (S) 078877
Tel: 6238 5688 / 6238 5689
Mon-Fri: 12pm-9pm | Sat&Sun: 10am-6pm

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