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Friday, January 01, 2016

01 / 01 / 2016


Honestly, it hasn't quite sink into me that it is already 2016? I wished time would just slow down a little for me to catch some breather. So anyway.... It's been some time since I did more of a 'personal' post so I thought I'd do one today! Being personal here on this space will definitely be one of my top 'New Year Resolution' in 2016! I know many of y'guys visit this space to read about my life and all and honestly, I feel really bad that I have neglected this space recently... :(

So for dinner last night, we had it at Fleur De Sel (no pics cuz I really just wanted to enjoy the dinner w/o taking any photos! I did upload on snapchat though but its been >24hours so I guessed it's been wiped out sobz). Anyhowz, the food was soooooo good and on point, I love each and every signature dish of the Chef!

Onwards to counting down to 2016 with H, this sweet boy managed to secure a spot for us at Spago located at the 57th level of MBS! Getting to MBS was really a chore man, seriously NEED TO HAVE SO MANY ROADBLOCKS ANOT?! :( 
Thank God, we managed to reach Spago 4 mins before 12am. LOL. I arrived all sweaty and sticky!! Definitely not a pleasant way to end 2015.... but whooomgggg the moment the fireworks were set off RIGHT INFRONT OF MY EYES... I was blown away!! The view was just too good!! 
OOTD yesterday for New Year Eve! Jumper from NEONMELLO!

Baby, you're a firework
Come on, let your colours burst
Seriously the fireworks this year were so good!!!
I was telling H that we should totally get ourselves a room at MBS on next year's NYE, so that we could soak in the pool together and catch the fireworks. The view so good omgawdz!!!

Enjoying the fireworks with my favourite cocktail - Rough Love :)

We chilled at Spago for a lil while more before heading off to Clarke Quay for drinks with H's family and cousins! We were at Shanghai Dolly first with the family but hopped over to Fclub after the parents went back~
Obviously, we couldn't finish this amount of drinks. It was insane!!

With H and his brother+cousins ;)

We ended the night at 4ish before having supper till 6am. GOSH WE WERE ALL SO DAMN TIRED. Crashed the moment I reached home! It was a fun night albeit being too tiring. Hahaha I gotta admit I'm getting old man, really can't do such things anymore. I get soooo tired easily now :(

Woke up at like 2pm today?? And hurried to prep myself cuz H bought Star Wars tickets for us!!
I love dressing casually & comfortably!! This is again, from my ever favourite NEONMELLO, quote NMXSHENNY for a 10% off :)

Since we still had some time before the movie and I was kinda hungry, we settled at Din Tai Fung for lunch cuz I had sudden cravings for XLBs! Really felt like it has been 100000years since I last had XLB lor..

We caught Star Wars in the Gold Class Cinema!! I think I am getting too spoilt by the boy... the last time we watched a movie, it was also in a Gold Class Cinema and I told him I'll never ever watch a movie in a normal theatre anymore LOL
This is seriously SO COMFORTABLE OMG. Like u can lie down and watch, got pillow and blanket and great selections of food+drinks!!! Plus so much privacy!! But haiz obviously I can't watch all the movies in Gold Class la, lol it's just too expensive (about $80 for 2)! Luckily H and I don't watch movies too often hahaha

I then had a random weird craving for Mookata so we went over to ECP to eat at Mookata House!

Reason why we chose this place was cuz the meat they serve are much premium meats - Kurobuta Pork and Wagyu Beef!! Yet, the prices remain rather affordable :D
Other than Mookata, they also served other ala carte Thai dishes!

We had the Value Set which feeds 2-3pax at $45.90.
Comes with Kurobuta pork collar, Kurobuta pork belly, Wagyu beef, boneless chicken, prawns, scallops, seafood sticks, squid cut, mixed vegetables platter and vermicelli!

The meat was really fresh and good! The portion was just nice as well, I'm in fact still full now even while typing this post (its been 3 hours++ already since dinner)!

Mookata House
902 East Coast Parkway Blk B #01-11, Big Splash (S) 449874
6348 1275
Tues-Thurs: 5.30pm-11pm | Fri: 5.30pm-1am | Sat&Sun: 12pm-1am
(Reservations recommended cuz it seems really popular! The restaurant was full house when it was dinner time!)

- - -

In a nutshell, 2015 had been exciting and fulfilling! I turned 25, I got attached to H who has been such an angel in my life. I travelled to new places (Boracay & Perth) I haven't been before, something that will always be on my New Year Resolution every single year.
I had the chance to collaborate with the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia 3 times and I can never ever be more thankful! Thank you #WonderfulIndonesia for always extending an invite to me. Every trip was an eye opener and I can never forget the memories and friendships gained from these trips... ;)
I had the chance to travel alone and find myself all over again. It's true, "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer." When I feel confused, low and lost in life, I just wanna jet off and be alone, to think of what I really want in life.... I travelled to Seoul alone just last week and even though it gets a lil lonely after awhile. I am glad I did the trip :) Besides, I GOT TO SEE THE SNOW!! Like, it's my first time seeing snow falling down from the sky!?! It was a wonderful sight :)

I'll try not to be naggy with long words and all... but thank you to each and every single one of you who's reading this space. Because of you, I can continue doing what I love to do and continue to share the things I love with you guys :) They say "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." I can't agree more than this :) I should really count my blessings and appreciate more of what I have, instead of always envying others. I guess it's really normal that humans will never be satisfied, never be contented. But really, I think my life is pretty good right now and I wouldn't want it in any other way.

In 2016, I hope to continue doing what I love. I hope the inner wild and curious child in me never disappears cuz I think that's what makes me Shenny? I hope I''ll have the chance to explore even more new places. I hope all my love ones I treasure will stay healthy, nothing really beats being healthy.
To more adventures ahead, bring it on 2016!


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