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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Atorrege AD+ Double Cleansing Skincare Routine


So about 3 weeks ago, I was introduced to a pretty well known Japanese skincare brand - Atorrege AD+ which are mainly meant for people with sensitive skin, just like me!! Even though Atorrege AD+ has been in the market for quite some time, I haven't actually got to try it myself previously so I was really eager to see how it would help improve my skin conditions :)

More about Atorrege AD+...
1980s: Many patients in Japan were suffering from dry skin disease and some even developed eczema (Well I have eczema too!). A group of nurses came across "Mugwort" and self-formulated some lotion for the patients to ease their skin disease. The Mugwort lotion soon gained widespread popularity for its efficacy in preventing and relieving itching.
Ands Corporation was later appointed as the manufacturer for mass production.

1995: 1st-generation Atorrege was launched. Through continued research, Ands discovered the connection between urban pollution and its effect on "urban skin diseases" such as acne, pigmentation, sensitive skin, eczema and wrinkles.

2007: With improved medical technology, 2nd-generation of Atorrege which is also known as Atorrege AD+ was launched to treat urban skin diseases due to changes in environment and unhealthy living habits.
PB145436 PB145437

Atorrege AD+ products are made using natural herbal extracts and innovative nanotechnology, for today's sensitive skin. The 2 main active ingredients used in their products for deep penetration are Hamamelis Extract and Soybean Extract.
Also, you can be assured that there are:
1. No Fragrance
2. No Colourants
3. No Parabens
4. Allergy tested
5. Internal cellular tested
And that's why their products are so suitable for sensitive skin!

I was given 2 of their products, Mild Cleansing, a gel base oil soluble cleanser to remove my makeup and Face Wash Liquid to cleanse my face thoroughly. I think one thing I like about Japanese skincare routine is how they always emphasize on "Double Cleansing", which is something that I have been practising for quite some time.
You girls can learn more about double cleansing on these 2 articles, it's an interesting read!
Japanese skincare routine step 1 double cleansing // justaboutskin - double cleanse

1. Atorrege AD+ Mild Cleansing
- Dissolves makeup in 10 seconds
- Gentle cleansing agent derived from plants
- Prevents blackheads from forming
- Reduces sensitivity and prevents skin allergy
- Removes all impurities while retaining skin moisture, resulting in refined pores
- Suitable for all skin types


So what I do usually, is to apply a small amount on my forehead, nose, cheeks & chin. I'll then massage it in circular motions (make sure both your face and hands are dry!). Also, massage the nose area well cuz this is where all the blackheads are, you wanna make sure that it's clean!

I even use this even though I have eyelash extensions on! Doesn't seem to affect my lashes cuz my extensions are still surviving? Lol

Yay!! Makeup entirely removed! Even my lip colours are all gone in a matter of seconds! :D

Next, I rinse my face with water until everything is gone! Honestly, at this point of time, my face feels kinda clean already! But nope, there's still 2nd step to this cleansing process ;)

2. Atorrege AD+ Face Wash Liquid
- Amino-acid based foam cleanser
- Nano size cleansing bubbles
- Cleanses pores deeply and prevents blackheads
- Tightens pores
- With long term use, it reduces skin roughness and brings out skin clarity and radiance
- Suitable for normal to dry skin

Look at how foamy it is!! So easy to lather!

So the 2nd step involves using a cleanser to further remove any oil, makeup or dirt that were not previously removed.

Similarly, I lather the foam onto my face and massage it in circular motions for maybe 30seconds?
I really like how 'light' the foam feels~

Finally, rinse everything off and VOILA!!!!

The result is a squeaky clean and lighter skin!

Here's a Before and After picture after using the products for about 2 weeks!
Blackheads on my nose are visibly lesser rightttttttt :D

So happy to have Atorrege AD+ in my life now! I have sensitive skin myself and I really know how terrible it feels... especially to have random weird outbreaks/red patches from the itch when you try on new products hoping that it'll help, but it ends up getting worse. So you can trust me on this that Atorrege AD+ worked perfectly fine on me, and hopefully it'll work as well too on other sensitive skin users out there! :)
Atorrege AD+ products are ranged between $49 - $159. The products I have featured in this post cost $59 each!

Atorrege AD+ is currently having a 20% discount off in stores. These stores include Watsons, Guardian, Robinson, John Little, OG &Metro. Plus, Atorrege AD+ is also now available ONLINE!!! Sign up now on and get 20% discount off your first order! Mild Cleansing and Face Wash Liquid/Foam are an additional $10 off automatically.

Much love,
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