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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fraxel Laser & Exilis Face Shaping

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As humans, and especially as females like me, I bet we all do have a little of insecurities within us.
Other than having insecurities that I have a heavier bottom, my complexion has been giving me problems since puberty. 

So while going through puberty, I had tons of outbreaks, especially on my nose!! I also had alot of blackheads so those itchy fingers of mine always found their way to my nose and started squeezing them. The result? SCARS. Which I really regretted it alot even till today. Even though with makeup/concealer and all, sometimes those 'crator like holes' on my nose are still pretty obvious. Definitely not that obvious on photos especially with all the editing and whatnot, but in real life, you'll be able to see it. Which I really hate :(
I also used to play the volleyball for about 6 years? I was always under the hot sun with no proper sunscreen or whatsoever. It was however too late when I realised that my sun spots and pigmentations started to surface. ARGHHH that's why girls, please!! I learnt it the hard way, sunscreen is so important!! I never leave it out in my daily skincare regime now. But I can no longer reverse those freckles on my skin other than preventing more from surfacing.

I was actively looking for ways to solve my skin issues - bumps & holes(scars) on my nose and pigmentations on my cheeks. I tried many products but it could only reduce just a little, not solving it entirely.
Here's how my bare skin looks like:
See those pigmentations on my cheeks and scars on my nose? :(

I decided to give my skin a new life and finally embark on a journey with one of the largest skin and laser Korean joint venture clinic in Singapore located at Paragon Level 9.
Really cozy environment :)

I had my skin consultation with my dermatologist, Dr Gavin Ong. He recommended the Fraxel Restore Dual Laser treatment that excels at treating pigmentations! I also had issues with having double chin (I have a really small face but mega double chin!?!???!!) and Dr Ong recommended a Radio Frequency (RF) treatment for skin tightening and lifting for my jaw/chin area!

But first thing first, NUMBING CREAM ALL OVER FACE!
I was told that the laser would be a little uncomfortable and with a heated sensation so I was kinda afraid. Having a very low threshold for pain, I asked the nurse to spam more numbing cream so that I will feel more comfortable during the laser and RF treatments. Hahahaha

"Fraxel is the pionner non-ablative fractional resurfacing laser that addresses an array of skin problems from aging to skin pigmentation and scars. This breakthrough technology offers skin tightening and rejuvenation on a fraction of the skin at a time using erbium and thullium laser. Fraxel Restore Dual Laser resurfacing creates thousands of microscopic treatment zones per square centimeter, casing controlled micro-injury to the skin which stimulates repair and rejuvenation by inducing the skin's natural wound-healing response. The surrounding unaffected and healthy tissue that contains viable cells encourage healing of the skin. The Fraxel Laser -  this new generation of skin resurfacing technique reduces the downtime to about 3 to 5 days as compared to most ablative lasers which takes at least 7 days."
I did the Fraxel Laser all over my face, particularly focusing on my cheeks (my pigmentations), nose (for scars) and a little on my chin. It was a little uncomfortable & a little hot? But it was bearable. If I survived through then I think anyone else can survive through it too! Hahahhaha

"BTL Aesthetics, the company behind the Exilis Elite techonology was awarded the top shaping company in 2015. The Exilis Elite system is one of the world’s most technologically advanced for body contouring, skin tightening & facial collagen remodelling and lifting."
P9142740Dr Gavin Ong working on my double chin area! I love this!! As what Dr Ong said, it feels like hot stone massage. Not pain at all!! Just a little warm but it was pretty shiok. Lol

Here's how I look like right after the procedure on that day:
Face was a little pinkish-red but it wasn't that hideous. Kinda looks like I just had a sunburnt or something. It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be so yayyy!! Dr Gavin Ong also told me to expect peeling of the old skin so that the new skin would resurface!

DAY 2:
The next day, the redness subsided by almost 90%!! Whoooooo!
I guess I still looked pretty normal?? Also, you can see from the pics, the scars on my nose reduced quite abit!!

DAY 4:
Redness 100% gone!! Only applied sunblock for the entire week as I was advised to avoid foundation/BB cream to allow my skin to breathe. But my skin looks so much brighter than before even without BB cream! Happyyyy :)

You could also spot a little mild peeling. Luckily it wasn't a drastic shedding of the skin hehe


Particularly the most impressed with the results on my nose!!
The bumps I had on the sides of my nose reduced by almost 50%! It was really difficult to capture on camera but Hewatt commented that my nose is looking much better than before when my skin started to heal. Hahahah yayyyy!!!

By the end of a week, my skin was all ready I could makeup as usual again :)
This was me attending my cousin's wedding a week after I did the procedures!
P9182776 P9182775
My jawline also became visibly sharper as the shaping takes about 2 weeks to see the results!

Really happy with the results and I can't wait to go back next week for my next round of laser and face shaping :D Really looking forward to the day I can have flawless complexion without makeup ;)

The clinic is located at Paragon Level 9 and for any enquires, drop them an email at:

Much love,

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