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Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Wonderland x Issho Izakaya


Goshhhh it's already the last day of November?? Seriously, I think I said this a million times but I still can't believe how TIME F-L-I-E-S!!!!! I remember when I was younger, I was forever complaining why does time pass so slowly?? I wanna stop studying, I wanna be an adult already!! I felt like I was in primary school since f o r e v e r~~ 6 long freaking years. Lol. Can I take back my words now?? I want time to pass so slowly, I don't wanna grow old. I want more time to enjoy the little things in life. I want more time to explore as much countries as I can!!
2015 just went by so quickly... it's going to be 2016 already!?! Okay can.

Okay I digressed a little but main point is.... IT IS GOING TO BE CHRISTMAS AGAIN!!!! December is probably one of my favourite month cuz I love seeing everywhere so nicely decorated with pretty lights... it just makes me super excited like a little girl!!! And I love listening and humming to Christmas Carols wherever I go to... Christmas is just the most wonderful time of the year :D

This year, I finally had the chance to visit Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens By The Bay! It started last year but I didn't have the chance to visit it then.. so I was looking forward x 1000000 when I was invited for their official launch on Friday! This year, Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens By The Bay heralds a new tradition to experience the magic of Christmas in a whole new light, where visitors are able to immerse themselves n a traditional European Christmas right in Singapore!
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2015-11-30 04.33.23 1

Christmas Wonderland consists of 4 main areas:
1. The magnificent Luminarie light sculptures throughout the festival site
2. The Festive Market at the Supertree Grove
3. The Fairground near the Meadow
4. The Christmas Toyland floral display in the Flower Dome
2015-11-30 04.33.52 1
2015-11-30 04.34.15 1
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2015-11-30 04.35.11 1
2015-11-30 04.35.22 1
Blue Tweed Trapeze Dress from NEONMELLO , comes in Grey as well
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2015-11-30 04.35.22 1a

Brought my Dajie & her family along as well cuz I thought the kids would enjoy this alot! And obviously, look at how excited and happy Della is in this photo!! The moment she entered the Flower Dome, she was screaming excitedly + flapping her hands non stop when she saw the flowers and beautiful lights!! DAMN CUTE!!!
2015-11-30 04.35.40 1

Not forgetting, my favourite +1 for most events :)
2015-11-30 04.35.55 1
2015-11-30 04.36.09 1

The decorations inside the Flower Dome are really enchanting and stunning!! I was running all over the whole dome trying to capture shots of everywhere! Lol
2015-11-30 04.36.21 1 2015-11-30 04.36.48 1a
2015-11-30 04.36.48 1 2015-11-30 04.36.35 1
2015-11-30 04.37.03 1
2015-11-30 04.37.27 1 2015-11-30 04.37.43 1
2015-11-30 04.37.56 1 2015-11-30 04.38.08 1
2015-11-30 04.38.23 1
2015-11-30 04.38.36 1
2015-11-30 04.38.48 1
2015-11-30 04.39.12 1

Next, we headed to the Luminarie!
2015-11-30 04.39.37 1 2015-11-30 04.39.56 1
2015-11-30 04.39.56 1a 2015-11-30 04.40.28 1
2015-11-30 04.40.42 1 2015-11-30 04.41.01 1

Lovely Christmas songs started to play in the background and these Supertrees looked as if they were dancing to the music as well, lighting up in different colours according to the music beat. It was really lovely and romantic (if only it wasn't that hot/humid, it'd be so much better!!). Ahhh, if only there's four seasons in Singapore too..~
2015-11-30 04.41.01 1a
2015-11-30 04.41.01 1c
2015-11-30 04.41.13 1
2015-11-30 04.41.24 1

We also walked around and explored other areas~ 
There's an Ice Palace just behind the Luminaire where there is a Snow Playground and Ice Skating Rink! Don't expect much out of the snow playground though... It was really small and flooded with kids. Lol. I thought it'd be a big playground where there's fake snowman, or a snow slide, but I guess not :(
2015-11-30 04.41.36 1

This is the Fairground where there are alot of games and rides for the kids!! 
I am too old for all these so I passed my ride tickets to my nephew, he'll definitely enjoy it more than I do!
2015-11-30 04.41.48 1
2015-11-30 04.42.02 1
2015-11-30 04.42.13 1
2015-11-30 04.42.27 1
2015-11-30 04.42.43 1
2015-11-30 04.42.58 1

Day VS Night. Quite a big difference isn't it?? Which do you prefer? I definitely vote for the night one!
2015-11-30 04.43.34 1 2015-11-30 04.44.08 1
2015-11-30 04.43.09 1
2015-11-30 04.43.23 1

With something for everyone, embark on a magical adventure of visual treats, festive play and merry indulgence with Christmas Wonderland! It is now open till 3 Jan 2016 so don't miss out on this!


H and I then went to fill our famished tummies with Jap food!! Been craving it for the longest time.... I have been on a rather 'eat clean' diet recently (although I still sneak in some snacks here & there lol) but lunch is usually fish soup for me, and dinner consists of broccoli + either chicken breast/salmon fish. 
The weekends are probably the only days I can have my 'guilty' meals! Besides, Jap food is not that unhealthy right? Lots of fish anyway!! Lol. This time round, we tried a newly opened restaurant called Issho Izakaya cuz it was pretty near us~
2015-11-30 04.44.23 1
2015-11-30 04.44.37 1
2015-11-30 04.46.27 1
2015-11-30 04.45.32 1 2015-11-30 04.44.53 1
2015-11-30 04.45.21 1
2015-11-30 04.45.45 1
2015-11-30 04.45.54 1
2015-11-30 04.46.36 1
2015-11-30 04.46.45 1

Issho Izakaya serves quite a big range of Japanese food, from the basic sashimi, aburi sushi, wagyu steak to even kushiyaki! I also love their dessert selections, especially this interesting Blancmange which is a Panna Cotta black sesame pudding served with homemade black sesame ice cream! I would consider this as a mid-tier Jap restaurant since it's not that cheap-cheap but it's not that expensive either~ It really depends on what you order!

Issho Izakaya
1 Stadium Place #01-13/K5 Kallang Wave @ Sports Hub Singapore 397628
6702 4708
Sun-Thurs: 10am-10pm | Fri&Sat: 10am-1030pm

Write soon! Love,

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