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Friday, September 25, 2015

HungryPotatoes & my Happy Meal Bag!



Hungrypotatoes was founded in 2015 by two sisters who believe that fashion statements does not necessary need to come with a heavy price tag. Their promise to you girls are chic and pocket-friendly fashion pieces to cater to different girls.

The sisters at Hungrypotatoes sent me a really cute bag - "Happy Meal" bag!
Hahaha omg how cute this is!! I think it's prolly the cutest bag I ever own to date 
It is also such a head turner!

PS: This design is actually an inspired piece of a really popular branded brand (not gonna say which brand but you may try googling!).... and this bag originally costs a whopping $1xxx!!! Over here at Hungrypotatoes, you are able to get it at only a fraction of the price ($32.90)!

Hahahah this Happy Meal poster looks so cute yet retarded at the same time lol
It's like +  lololol


There's also alot of space inside the bag! Just look at how deep the bag goes:
Bag containing my biggest & longest lens and yet still have so much space! 

For this new collection at Hungrypotatoes, the sisters took quite some time to search for these quirky, unique and cute bags just for you girls! ;)

products 1

If you're not into such quirky bags, fret not!!
Hungrypotatoes has alot more selections, including these classic messenger handbags!
products 2

Just for you girls, here's a special discount code to use at Hungrypotatoes:
"Shenny5" for 5% off total bill!
"Shenny10" for 10% off orders over $80!

Valid till 31st October 2015.

Shop now at:


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