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Friday, April 10, 2015

NIVEA Make Up Clear

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Hello lovelies!! 
Sometime in early March, I was invited to the NIVEA Make Up Clear Launch Event!

Just a lil background information on NIVEA if you haven't already heard of this brand..

NIVEA is the world’s trusted No. 1 skin care brand (Nielsen). It is an accessible, reliable partner whom consumers easily identify with, bringing out the best in their skin, their beauty and themselves. NIVEA’s unique formulations of proven quality, work in harmony with the skin to keep it healthy. They are highly effective, superior in terms of care and mildness, offered at a fair price.

So today's focus will be on their new product launch - NIVEA Make Up Clear Range, in particular, the NIVEA Make up Clear 3in1 Mud Cleanser. More about it in abit!!

We were encouraged to bring a BFF along with us and here with me, I have Jingxuan!
Thank you for accompanying me! 
3 4
Posing with the cutest NIVEA pillow ever!


A short presentation on NIVEA Make Up Clear was then presented!


During the event presentation, I learnt on the potential skin damages caused by makeup. Some of it including:
 increase tendency for clogged pores and therefore acne
 using too much make up can also make wrinkles more apparent
In short, the lack of proper makeup removal can cause premature skin ageing

And some common mistakes we have done to cause such potential harms:
 Going to bed without removing makeup
 Not removing our makeup thoroughly, which may cause an eye inflammation (Chalazion)
 Using the wrong cleanser

With the new NIVEA Make Up Clear range, NIVEA provides a convenient and effective cleansing routine which caters to all types of makeup users

The Star Product, focus of this launch is the NIVEA Make Up Clear 3in1 Mud Cleanser, designed for light make up users, it can remove 10 types of makeup for 10x fairer*, water-like looking skin! 
(* 10x better whitening efficacy than vitamin C, based on in-vitro study of Pearl Whitening Complex by Beiersdorf AG Germany. ) 

[ Fun Fact ]
Do you know that sunscreen or products with SPF are more resilient and regular cleanser cannot clean them off properly? Even when you use BB Cream or even tinted sunscreen, you have to remove them properly and NIVEA Make Up Clear 3in1 Mud Cleanser can do it.

Here, we put it to the test:

As shown, the NIVEA girl applied 10 products on her arm. I didn't take pictures for all 10 of cuz, so here's 4 to show you guys!

The 10 types of makeup includes:
1. Make up base
2. Concealer
3. Foundation
4. Bronzer
5. Blusher
6. BB Cream
7. Powder
8. Brow Pencil
9. Tinted Moisturiser
10. Tinted Sunscreen

Then she applied the NIVEA Make Up Clear 3in1 Mud Cleanser to remove the makeup applied:

Washing the product off...

Now, here is the interesting part! I am sure some of us here (I know I have) have had experiences removing our makeup, but its not entirely clean?? When you swipe your face with a cotton pad soaked with toner, there'll still be residues of makeup left!! 
So during the event, they actually used a 1) cotton pad soaked with NIVEA Make Up Clear Micellar Water [a water-based makeup remover] & 2) NIVEA Make Up Clear Cleasing Wipes to test if there are still any remaining residue of makeup that wasn't removed properly:

And the results!!!!
No foundation or bb cream colour on it!!

It was the end of the presentation and time for us to test the products ourselves. But first, FOOD!!!! Hahaha

Thank you NIVEA for taking care of our tummy! The food was good! ^.^


Here's me experimenting with the products! I can be seen trying to apply some bb cream on my hand first before testing out the NIVEA Make Up Clear 3in1 Mud Cleanser.
20 21
22 23
Of cuz, the bb cream came off fully after using the 3in1 Mud Cleanser when I used the cleansing wipe to test!


Thank you NIVEA for having my BFF and I! :)

With all the other pretty Nuffnang bloggers!
We are all in different shades of blue! :D

Back at home, I finally had the chance to try the NIVEA Make Up Clear 3in1 Mud Cleanser on my face!

Clears 10 types of makeup for 10x fairer, water-like looking skin.
3 in 1 Cleanser that provides 3 effects in 1 use!

1) Apply as mud mask on face to absorb makeup and unclog pores

2) At the touch of water, it turns into a makeup remover to remove 10 types of makeup.
Just massage your face in gentle circular motions, as how you would usually wash your face!

3) Cleanses as foam with whitening effect

Rinse your face entirely after which and VIOLA!!!
You're done with removing your makeup entirely! :D
Personally, THIS IS MY FAVOURITE PRODUCT after trying out all the others!!
I especially love the refreshing scent of it and how squeaky clean it made my face felt. Face is also visibly fairer and whiter! :D

I know how tiring it is and sometimes we get lazy too with removing our makeup with one product, and then washing our face with another product. With the NIVEA Make Up Clear 3in1 Mud Cleanser, we can now remove our makeup and cleanse our face at the same time!! What is there not to love about it?!

For heavy makeup which includes waterproof makeup and eye makeup, NIVEA has the Make Up Clear Micellar Water & Make Up Clear Cleansing Wipes in its repertoire for double cleansing to ensure all makeup are thoroughly remove! 

Over here, I am using the Make Up Clear Cleansing Wipes
I generally love makeup wipes cuz they are so easy to use and fuss-free!

Make up removed with the Make Up Clear Cleansing Wipes!
After which, you can proceed on to using your regular cleanser to cleanse your face :)

To complete, your skincare regime, NIVEA also introduces the Make Up Clear 3in1 Scrub!
Use it once a week to remove dead skin off your face to reveal a fresher & brighter skin!


Thank you NIVEA for spoiling me with these Make Up Clear range products!
You can find these babies in stores from April 2015!

For more information, visit NIVEA at:

Stay beautiful girls!!

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