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Friday, April 24, 2015

Craftsmen Speciality Coffee



Yesterday marks the 100th day since H and I got together! I know it's not a super big milestone but in Korean culture, couples actually celebrate this occasion! So H and I decided to jump on the bandwagon too 
We are still into exploring cafes in the east and decided to cafe-hop to Craftsmen Speciality Coffee this time round!

I ordered the Craftsmen Supreme which is their version of a Big Breakfast!

While H had the Savoury Waffles! YUMMM

I'm in love with the food, especially the Craftsmen signature sauce drizzled all over the eggs!! 

An affordable cafe accompanied with friendly & courteous staff, I am definitely coming back for more!

2 First Street, Siglap V, #01-01 (S) 458278
Sun-Thurs: 8.30am-9pm | Fri&Sat: 8.30am-10.30pm

Knitted Mini // Hervelvetvase
Accessories: Bangkok
Watch: Ashtrodite
Shoes: H&M


Photos by Hewatt x

Make-up look of the day:

Decided to try on Burgundy Make-up today since H got me sooooo many new makeup from Etude House. Hahahah this boy is seriously hilarious. Can you imagine the past few days, I actually woke up to his calls cuz he wanna wake me up just so that he could send me pictures of the eyeshadow/lipstick swatches. Lolololol 
He said that my usual routine make up is too safe & boring () and that I should try different looks while I am still young. Lol. I tend to use brown shades for my eyes cuz I find them neutral and it goes well with any outfit! For my lips, I realised orange based/coral colours suit me best cuz it brightens up my face. Sometimes I would use pink... depending on my mood. So yup H finds my makeup too ordinary sobs :(
2a 2b
How do you like it?? :)

I definitely find it refreshing and so far, I had compliments from my colleagues and they said it suits my look. It also gave me a rather more edgy and fiercer look. That's why I didn't smile much for today's pictures cuz I'd look weird if I smile widely in this makeup? Lol


Caught a beautiful sunrise a few days back while I was at H's house! 

& a few other pictures taken earlier this week...

I'm trying my best to blog more often now (can y'all tell?) and I hope you guys would like it!! :)


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