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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015!

Omgawd has it been the longest time since I took a break from blogging? :O
Terribly sorry for being away for sooooo long ;( I am still trying to get used to this 'working' phase. On a typical day after work, I'll head over to H's house for dinner, maybe watch a show or two before returning home. And when I'm back home, all I want is to lie on my precious bed and sleep. (Cycle continues everyday) so yea, it was pretty difficult for me to get my ass on the chair to edit photos/blog~

But anyhowzzzz, better late than never!!!
Here's a short update on how my Valentine's day went!

- - -
Woke up to see this big bouquet of flowers lying right beside me! Thank you H  
P1010490 P1010493

I also received my first ever orange boxxxxx. 
Thank you H and Uncle for choosing such a special present for me :)

H was still pretty clueless to get gold or silver buckle for me but he got the perfect one!!! The Rose Gold w white was a limited edition and I love anything-rose gold. So this was just perfect!! :D


Non stop camwhoring with this beautiful bouquet. Lol

We had lunch at Fratini La Trattoria!


It's a very cosy Italian restaurant. They do not have any menu so its pretty much like... 'Omakase' Italian food? Lol. Food served everyday depends largely on the ingredients he managed to buy on that same day. So expect really fresh food! :D
Died and went to Italian heaven!!!!!! SO GOOD!!
Especially the appetisers (first before on left), even the tomatoes tasted so darn good. Lol
I think one thing about the food here is that it tasted very 'homely'? Very comforting hehe

Desserts: Tiramisu // Panna Cotta(OMG FAVVVVV) // Chilli Chocolate

P1010509 P1010511
Thank you bf for bringing me here! My tummy was really satisfied :D lol

Hillcrest Park, 10 Greenwood Avenue
Tues-Sun: 12pm-2.30pm | 6pm-11pm

Princess Tutu Dress from TheClosetLover c/o Zalora Singapore.
Quote 'MPINF15' for a 15% discount when you shop at Zalora Marketplace. Discount code ends on 31st March 2015.


A pity these beautiful flowers could only last a week :( Why can't they last forever!!! So prettz

I also received these lovely 3D portraits!
If you interested, visit or email them at :)

Twirling in this pretty princess dress~

After eating, we walked around town and both of us got seriously tired. FOOD COMA at its best. Town was also impossible to walk..... felt damn claustrophobic the entire time cuz everywhere was so packed!!
In the end we headed home after being in town for only 30mins? lol. We kinda slept the entire day away after cuz we were both so tired. Then woke up to have a hearty homemade steamboat meal with his family. 
A very simple but fulfilling and happy day :)


The day before Valentine's, which is 13 Feb was our 1st Monthsary!
Floral Mesh Insert Dress from Treslovechic c/o Zalora Singapore.
Quote 'MPINF15' for a 15% discount when you shop at Zalora Marketplace. Discount code ends on 31st March 2015.

We had dinner at a nearby European/French restaurant called Vis-a-Vis~
Hamachi // Escargots 
Scallops // Spanish Duroc Pork


P1010472 P1010477

Meltique Sirloin // Passionfruit Meringue Tart

Food was pretty okay but I thought it was abit pricey.. considering that it's a neighbourhood restaurant. And with the price paid, I'd rather dine at Fratini hands down! ;p

101 Jalan Kembangan
6468 7433
Opens daily 11.30am-3pm, 6.30pm-11.30pm


That same week, we also visited another cafe nearby - fArt tArtz!

The cafe was super quiet.... it actually felt good. Like, I had my own space and privacy?
I really hate crowded cafes. Lol


NEONMELLO Self Manufactured Floral Top! Love the details, cut and prints! 
Do quote 'NMXSHENNY' for a 10% discount code whenever you shop with them!
Direct link HERE.

Chilled Prawn Angel's Hair. Don't you just love the presentation of the food!! :D
I love it la!!

Fusion Olio! I LOVE THIS!!! hahahahaha I sound so much like a glutton


How can we ever leave out the desserts right!!
The Arty Farty "Mud" Tarts will definitely be my choice the next time I'm here!
We had the Seasalt Short Nutella Tart that day instead which was just okay to me, wished it was abit saltier~
The bill came up to only about $40 (2 main course, 2 drinks & dessert), I was shocked!! 
So affordable!!
fArt tArtz
#02-04 Singapore Expo (Foyer 2), 1 Expo Drive
Mon-Thurs: 8am-6pm | Fri-Sun: 8am-8pm

And I supposed you guys are able to tell my hair colour changed!!
Dress from TheClosetLover c/o Zalora Singapore.
Quote 'MPINF15' for a 15% discount when you shop at Zalora Marketplace. Discount code ends on 31st March 2015.

Did by my hair sponsor COVO SINGAPORE.
By Senior Stylist Maika.
Read more about it HERE on my Dayre.
Quote "SHENNYCOVO" for a 20% discount off hair services for new customers when you visit COVO!

Address: 43 Keong Saik Road (S) 089147
(Nearest MRT: Outram or Chinatown)
 6221 4585 
IG: @covosingapore 

I also did a new set of nails for Valentine's/CNY!
Dress from Hervelvetvase~

First time trying out foiled nails (the nails on my thumb & ring finger) and THEY ARE SO PRETTY , I'M IN LOVE!!!!



Niunails @ Hougang
Promo after CNY: Quote 'Shennyyang' to get free Lace designs!
For appointments:
Call/sms Serene @ 8113 6741
Instagram: @niunails

Ahhh finally done with this blog post! Feels quite therapeutic to be typing here on this space again!
I'll do it more often okay? ;)
Talk to you guys soon again!!

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