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Friday, January 02, 2015

Hello 2015!!

"Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right."
Yet another year. Time seriously rockets~

I would say there are pretty lots of ups and downs in 2014.

 In 2014, I finally graduated!!! *throws confetti*
 UOL was definitely tough and I'm glad I made it through even though my results weren't that great. 

 In 2014, I've been in and out of two relationships. Not something to be proud of but you could say I grew up quite a fair bit out of these episodes. I am thankful for having my family and friends standing by me through these dark periods. 
If you must know, I am still single now and am in the midst of finding my 'direction' in life. I really need all the time in the world right now to figure out what I really want... Life can be so overwhelming at times. Pooof

 In 2014, I got contracted to Nuffnang x Churpchurp. Blogging has been my part time job ever since that kinda kept me survivable since I graduated in late May. I am also very grateful to you all readers out there who made this possible!! Without you guys reading this space, I would have never gotten all these opportunities!
Thank you for all the encouragement and love from you all!! I really appreciate it :) Also to the haters, I thank y'all too because you guys made me stronger as a person.

 In 2014, it's a year I travelled at a record-breaking number of times. Lol
"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."
Phuket in Jan 2014

Visited Bangkok 3 times in 2014 (Jan, Aug & Sept)
Bangkok has got to be my favourite getaway city!! The food + shopping....... unbeatable!!

Montigo in Feb 2014 with my favourite frolick girlfriends and J!!

Montigo once again in March 2014 with my folks!

Seoul in June for a whopping 16 days!!!

Thank you my favourite girls for the amazing time together!!
And for taking care of me all the time. I love you girls

Telunas (Indonesia) in July 2014!

Cebu in late Jul-early Aug 2014!
Swam with the gentle giants for the first time! It was just such an amazing experience :D


And also celebrated my birthday overseas for the first time!! :)
This was at Virgin Island, Bantanyan Cebu. Super pretty island!!!!!!

One of the highlights in 2014 was revisiting the UK again :D
Being in Manchester for the first time, Oct 2014.

London!! A city I'll never ever ever get bored of.
The architecture too pretty already and every single spot is photo worthy!

Hello Big Ben!

I also travelled up to Paris together with bestie Stef!

My first time to Vietnam(Da Lang) in Oct 2014 c/o Banyan Tree!

GrantsWhisky and Nuffnang also brought me on board the most amazing party cruise ever!!!!
#itstheship Nov 2014.
I'll never forget the great times we all had on board and all the new friends made!

The Maze Challenge Asia and Nuffnang also brought me to KL in November 2014!

My last travel of 2014 was to Bali for the first time too!
Dec 2014
Would love to revisit Bali again!! Such an amazing place to be in. 
I honestly wonder if the curse for unmarried-couples to go Bali is true.... I hope not. :( Lol

Spent my last few moments of 2014 in MBS feasting at CUT.
Floral bustier romper c/o NEONMELLO .
Quote 'NMXSHENNY' for a 10% discount!


Amazing Lobster(??) salad. Didn't quite know what we were eating since it was the chef's choice hahaha
But each and every single dish were so goood!!!

There were a couple of other starters before we were served with our main dish - Beef!!!!!!!!
Gotta be my favourite meat of all. So so good!!

And also one of the most interesting dessert I ever had. This dessert is made to taste like our Kaya bread + soft boiled eggs + soya sauce etc. All made into one pretty looking dessert!

Price is on the higher side but if you'd like to try,
#B1-71 The Shoppes at MBS. 
6688 8517

Met up with Kei and Stef after dinner and went over to Potatohead!!
Thank you Earn for the invite for the private party!! I had such a great time just staring at the Big Bang members.... so suave I cannot. Hahahahahha.

Also on 1/1/2015..... our family welcome a new member!!!!
Say hello to Princess Della :)
P1011377 P1011378_

Look at her thick black hair........ so cute!!!
Think I'm gonna spoil and dote her to death. She already has a wardrobe filled with clothes and almost 1/2 bought by me. HAHAHA.


Congrats Dajie for giving birth to such a healthy baby!! Congrats for making up to the newspaper too! 
Della is the first 2015 baby to be born at Mount E!!

2014 has been nothing short but amazing!! There were old friends who kinda left (which I never want it to happen) but I'm also glad to have new friends entering my life.
Thankful to those who stood by me all these while!!

I am also eternally grateful to all my sponsors!! My long-time old hair sponsor Shunji Matsuo, Old nail sponsors - Myntefingers & Nails by Lily Xu. My main apparel sponsor from Neonmello for always dressing me up so prettily!! And to my current sponsors - COVO Hair, IDS Clinic, Niunails, Datsumo Labo!!
Can never be thankful enough :)

I guess I'm ready to embark on this new 2015 journey!
Another year of wonderful memories to be made!

Not much New Year resolutions for me this year... but I just hope 2015 will be even better than 2014!
Sending love to all of you guys~

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