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Friday, November 21, 2014

ITSTHESHIP + Zac's 22nd!

Kinda excited because I am going on a cruise in less than 24hours time!!! It's been AGES since I last went on a cruise soooooooo that explains why I am pretty hyped about it!

Its kinda different though in a sense that its gonna be a '5 days Party Cruise'!
Thank you Grant's and Nuffnang for inviting me to join in this, and even for allowing me to bring my bestie along :D

Watch the above video to know more!!

There'll be rock climbing, ice skating ring, wave pool, casino, 10 pools, 15bars&clubs + + + and furthermore...... we are going to Langkawi for a beach party!!! :O
Hope it's gonna be fun :D

I'll try to update whenever I can, heard wifi's pretty limited but i will try my best :)

* * *
Also since I'll be away on a work trip, I'm gonna miss out on Zac's 22nd birthday this Sunday which I felt pretty bad so I decided pre-celebrate it for him!!

A+ for his 1st class honours all the way. LOL

Managed to surprise the boy with the help from all of his friends!!



I look shitz but nvm... thanks guys for all the help!!!

Till then

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