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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Thoughts

Sometimes when I look at you, I wonder if I'm ever good enough for you.
It was a beautiful relationship and it was all I ever wanted.
As you lay here right beside me, why is it that you still feel so... distant from me?
All these insecurities, uncertainties and inferiority complex piling up everyday is killing me.
But I can't let you go just yet.
The thought of losing you breaks me apart.
I know we are worth more than this and that there's so much more memories to create together.
Yet sometimes I feel like I am just being a burden. Am I??
I miss those carefree summer days where we would do nothing but lie in bed whole day long, watching series after series, munching on snacks, cuddling.. I miss being able to meet you whenever wherever. I miss us being sweet. I miss the way we used to talk to one another. I miss how you used to look into my eyes and say that you love me.
I miss you and I miss the old us.
I don't know what to do right now anymore.
Watching you sleep while being in your arms just now was the best moment ever in this past one week. How I wished time would stop and that the moment would last forever, me being in your arms... where it's just you and I together, and no one else matters. Nothing else matters.
I love you so damn much Zac and I hope we'll be able to work things out together.
Please don't give up on us. I know we are much stronger than this.
A day late but still, Happy 4th Monthsary baby. I hope we can continue this till the end of time.
 I still remember the feeling when we first kissed.
And I still get butterflies everytime I see you.

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