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Friday, July 04, 2014

X by Lowinsky

Hi world!
Sorry I've been gone for too long again~ To those who bothered to check back, thank you so much! Promise to update this space regularly from now on alright!

So right... before I jetted off to Seoul a few weeks back, I was super surprised to receive a box from the postman.
I rarely shop online nowadays and yet I was greeted with a big white box filled with CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES?? Honestly, I was super confused, especially to be greeted with lotsa pretty clothes but had zero memory of me ordering any of them!

It then dawned on me that this was the June Subscription Box from LOWINSKY !
X by LowinSky is the discovery commerce platform redefining the retail process by offering consumers a personalised way to discover, sample, shop and learn about the best products and brands available.

let's see what is inside last month's subscription box for me~
Oversized Knitted Red Cardigan, perfect for those snuggly cooling days!
I brought it along with me to Korea too since it was pretty chilly the first few days~ Love it!



White Spag tie top layered inside the Knitted Cardigan!
Also from LowinSky! :)

Unlike most subscription boxes that aim to just specialise in one theme only (eg: cosmetics or food), X by LowinSky aims to be a box that integrates with their subscriber's life. They deliver an assortment of products each month, and tailor the boxes sent to each individual subscriber as time passes.

So other than receiving clothes, I was given some accessories too!
Like this pearly necklace, very feminine and it's so easy to match!
The best part?
The chain comes with a total of 4 pendants so you can just swop and change to fit your outfits!

The different 4 pendants!
My favourite would be the one on the right, it's like a mini disco ball hehe so cute :)

Next is this pleated lacy cropped top! My favourite piece other than the cardigan!
Really surprised and impressed with the fact that most of the items in the subscription box are kinda 'my kind', clothes that I will actually wear out!


And the very last, I was given this Basic Black Spag Top!
Every girl ought to own one, super versatile when it comes to layering ;)
Layered my denim jacket over the basic spag top over here :)


This is my first experience with a subscription box and I must say the experience was quite exhilarating!! The feeling of not knowing what's inside the box when you're ripping it apart is just so... super thrilling LOL.
It's like you are your very own Santa Claus!!
And it's even made better when the items inside are stuff you would actually like and wear/use rather than just chucking them aside :)
Why not send yourself a little gift every month?
Go sign up for your very own subscription box today!

Quote "SHENNYYANG" to receive $2 off your subscription box!


Instagram: @xlowinsky

Thank you for reading lovelies!

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