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Friday, July 11, 2014

TheStyleYard New Arrivals!

Hi babes!!
I just got a shock when I logged into Styleyard email and saw the number of unread emails.... SO TERRIBLY SORRY FOR NOT RESPONDING TO ANY OF YOUR ORDERS/ENQUIRIES cuz everything for Preorder 1 was all done before I left for Seoul... so I kinda neglected it afterwards~ 
Nonetheless, very happy to receive so many orders even though it wasn't active!

New arrivals are up so go shop ya??
Closing it next Wednesday 16/7/2014 so be quickkkkk ok!
O1 b

O1 a
Seoul Military Parka which many of you had been asking!
I was also stopped twice in Seoul by passerbys enquiring where to buy this parka hehe. Now available at StyleYard .

There's also lots of beachy stuff cuz I am going on a beach holiday twice this July!
So I was kinda sourcing alot of beach-related stuff hehe
O2 Floral Chiffon Shredded Kimono

SW 2 Retro Swimsuit
Super cutie Retro Swimsuit!

SW 1 b

SW 3 Knitted Crochet 2 Set Bikini

SW 4 Topshop Forest Bikini 2piece
Topshop Forest Bikini, I have this as well!
Gonna bring it along to this weekend's beach escape! Btw I am very excited for this holiday heheh!!

A8 a
Reflective Gladiator which I own in 3 colours. Lol
I love it! :D

A6 Big Sunnies
More shades... can never get enough of them!

B3 Denim Flutter Skirt a
Denim Flutter Skirt !

A3 combine
And the never ever ending orders coming in after Jamie posted this picture..

+ a few more items, so to view all, just head over to Styleyard now ok?? hehe

Love yall! :)

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