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Monday, July 28, 2014

City Square Mall Food Trail

I was recently invited on a food trail at City Square Mall (Farrer Park)!
First stop to fill our tummies was to Marutama Ramen!
It is a Japanese casual dining which serves pretty decent quality food!

Here are some of the food we managed to try:
Daikon, $4
Radish lovers gotta try this!!! It was surprisingly good, even the non-radish-eater-Zac fell in love with it! Lol

Yaki Gyoza, $5

Karashi Ramen (Non spicy), $12
One of my favourite dish over here! The broth was rich and thick and I was actually a lil surprised to find out that all of their ramen are served in chicken stock, except for the vegetarian ramen options. Quite unlike the usual typical pork-based ramen huh?

Also love that they were generous with the char siew and 'San Chen Rou'! For $12, it's SUPER WORTH IT PLZ.

Zenbu Ramen (Spicy), $18
Not a fan of spicy noodles so this didn't really work for me but it is one of the hot favourite here at Marutuma Ramen!

Yaki Char Siu, $6
STAR DISH OF THE NIGHT!!! Moist, tender and a lil fatty all in one piece of meat goodness. Nuff'said!


We also had the Yuzu Calpis ($3.60) and Green Tea Calpis ($3). The Yuzu Calpis was  refreshing to the taste buds, sweet & sour at the same time! To end off the entire meal, we were also served the Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream ($2)

Food at Marutama Ramen is decently good, reasonable portion and its very affordable! I think I can see myself coming back here often to satisfy my ramen & other jap food cravings ;)

City Square Mall, #04-18
180 Kitchener Road 

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Next stop was to...
Paddington House of Pancakes

I've wanted to try PHOP since foreverrrrr so I'm glad I finally had the chance!


left: Paddington's Fantasy Punch (contains strawberry, apple with real fruits) $6
Right: Red Alert (drink with strawberry, blackcurrent, orange) $7

Here at PHOP, there are 100 kinds of pancakes for you to choose from!
Whether you're looking for something savoury or sweet, there's bound to have something for you ;)

Contains turkey bacon, onions, mozzarella, sunny side up, baked beans, sliced avocado & homemade dip!

It was actually my first time seeing such a skinny pancake? It's almost like a skinny pizza lol! 
Anyway, this was my favourite out of those I tried that day! I actually prefer savoury pancakes cuz it's sweet & salty all together at the same time! Burst of flavour in your mouth whoo

Blini with grilled eggplant, zucchini, peppers, hash brown & fresh button mushrooms, $11

I was left to eat this alone cuz the boy hates eggplants lol. And who says pancakes can't be healthy?  This is actually a buckwheat pancake! And ermmmm, all the veges.... self explanatory. Lol #healthiestpancakeever

P7170688 P7170694

Latte, $5

Chocolate roll with peanut butter, ice cream, oreo crumbs, chocolate sauce, nuts and whipped cream, $13

One word: SINFUL
While it is flavoursome and ohsoyummmmmy, you'll get sick of it after a few mouths! The peanut butter was a lil over so I'd suggest sharing this with 2 other friends! Impossible to finish this alone lol


P7170705 P7170712

Assortment of Pancakes:
Original // Cream Cheese // Oreo // Peaches & Coconut Flakes // 
Banana & Raisin // Buckwheat Banana with Blueberries // Dollar Pancakes

These are available separately as a minimum of 3 pieces of a stack of 6 with varying prices!

Will be back to PHOP one day to try out the other savoury pancakes! 
100 kinds of pancakes... It's kinda mission impossible to try them all!

City Square Mall #02-35/36
180 Kitchener Road

From 4th July - 3rd August 2014, City Square Mall's restaurant and eateries are offering promotions ranging from $9.90 deals to 1-for-1 meals!
Here are some of the other participating outlets:
Andersen's of Denmark // Burger King // Javier's Rotisserie & Salad Bar
KFC // Lai Lai Taiwan Casual Dining // Marutama Ramen // Pizza Hut
Paddington House of Pancakes // Paradise Inn // Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

For more information:

Thank you for reading!
Love yall :)

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