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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Spuds & Aprons at Mount Faber

Last Friday, I was invited by the lovely people from Mount Faber Leisure Group for a dinner at Spuds & Aprons!

When the hunger pangs peak and you just wanna dig in without a care, there’s only one thing to do – let yourself go and indulge in some wickedly sinful food! We promise we will tell no one.

What’s more, at Spuds & Aprons you will find yourself at the top of the hill at Mount Faber with other food junkies. Get high on the eating, let the greenery relax you and drink in the view of the running cable car line, the Harbour and Sentosa Island.

Complimentary cable car ride was arranged for Jj and I! 
It's been sucha long time since both of us last sat a cable ride in Singapore!


I was welcomed by Chelsea upon alighting from the cable car and was led to Spuds & Aprons, which I fell in love immediately due to the welcoming and cosy Al Fresco dining concept!

IMG_0079 IMG_0079a
For a start, we had the Lychee Martini ($15) as well as the Sexy Strawberry Milkshake ($8)!

One of their 'Die Die Must Try' Milkshake is the Dom Pedro ($13), consisting of Whisky, Bailey, Milk, Cream, Vanilla Syrup & Ice Cream, which is essentially an alcohol-based milkshake!! Pretty interesting isn't it?? But because I had the Lychee Martini already and I didn't want to be overwhelmed by alcohol that night, I went ahead with the Strawberry Milkshake instead which was also really refreshing and good!!

Now comes my favourite part - FOOD !!!!
If you know me, I love food and I can be a little greedy at times~ Hahha I really wanted to try almost everything off the menu that night :O But well, the capacity of our stomachs can only be this much... so we had the highly recommended dishes!

IMG_0077a IMG_0078a
Long touted as happy food, lift your mood with the humble potato fries, wickedly lashed over with thick, hot gravy and 6 types of cheese - Wicked Fries & Gravy ($8)

Chilli Crab in a Tux ($12) - Chilli Crab Stuffed in Potato Skins

Can I say I major love the Chilli Crab in a Tux!!!!
First, NO PEELING/CRACKING of crab shells and NO DIRTYING of our hands!! WHOOOPP!!!!
Second, it was really a real deal. I was expecting the sauce to be sweet>spicy but I was blown away on my first bite!! The crab meat was filling and the sauce really tasted like those authentic seafood chilli crab kinda sauce yknow!


Since our main dishes required another 10 minutes.. Jj and I took the opportunity to walk around the whole place!

A live band will perform at the Pavilion on evenings of Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays!

IMG_0086 IMG_0090
♡ ♡ 
Lovely photo spot place!




*sorry for the really bad quality of the pictures :( My fav Olympus still could not be used that night so I had to rely on my G12.. and sadly, G12 works REALLY BAD under low light. *

Crispy Pork Belly ($26)
Pork Belly Soaked in a Hot Tub & Slow Cooked until Fork Tender.
Perfectly Crispy & served with Homemade Pineapple Pickle

I really really... really love eating pork, especially pork belly!!! NOMZ.
So I would say I know my 'pork' really well HAHAHA :p

And this... WAS AMAZING!! The skin was sooooo crispy I can't even...
I was told by Chelsea that this is one of the chef's speciality dish! He would first boil the pork belly before pan frying it till the skin becomes crisp-perfect! 
Not to mention, the homemade pineapple pickle and salad really complemented the pork belly well! :)

Crave more spud-y action? You can have it roasted, fried or mashed with our Die-Die Must Try:
Tobiko Crusted Cod Fillet ($28)
Atlantic Cod Fillet with Omega 3 Goodness, Oven Roasted, Topped with Tobiko & served with Green Tea Soba Noodles & Aged Ponzu Sauce

Thank you to both Jj and Chelsea for shining light onto the food so that I could better capture images of it!
Hahahhaah #foodphotography101


After the very satisfactory yummy dinner..... *DRUM ROLLS*...

By then, Jj was probably about to explode cuz he was super full (he's a very small eater btw!!) while I was beaming with excitement when I know it's finally dessert time!!!!
Oooo.... what is that that I am holding???



It's the Jar of Happiness!!!!!
Tickle your sweet spot with this Jar of Happiness ($10),  lovingly made from Shortbread Biscuits with Almond Flakes, Mixed Berries, Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Ice-Cream and Warm Berry Compote. 

Guilty to say this... but I finished the entire Jar of Happiness ALL BY MYSELF. ~_~
But I guess that just goes to show how good this Jar of Happiness was! Hehe :p
And I also have to say this... the strawberries are SO SUPER SWEET!!!??!! I never liked strawberries alot because most of them are always sour! But this was surprisingly sweet and fresh! 

Ahhh what a perfect ending dish to this perfect dinner at such a perfect romantic place!!

- - -
Other Die Die Must Tries:
Beers Below Zero (Corona, Heineken, Tiger, Grimsbergen)
XO Fish Noodles Soup
Spud Mi Sandwich
Crispy White Bait Salad
Homemade Chicken Liver Paté
Grilled Char Siew Lamb Rack
Chempedak Bread & Butter Pudding
 Ring A ‘BELL’INI’
James Bond Tini With Jello Bomb

Last couple of shots at Spuds & Aprons before leaving~


With an indecent repertoire of comfort food, let ‘loose’ and just chill on the top of Mount Faber at Spuds & Aprons. Come the evenings of Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, let the live bands serenade, as you pair your sinful indulgences with a chilling swig of Beer Below Zero – experience minus5 degrees on the top of Mount Faber as we bring you crisp, ice-cold Beer below.

So Come Hungry and Leave Happy – we can’t wait to get you high on Spuds & Aprons
Drive to the top of the hill or jump in our ‘joyride’ and fly over in the cable car.

**Daily FREE Valet
(with minimum spend of $30)**

**15% OFF total bill
at Spuds & Aprons for cable car ticket holders**

"Join our team of chefs and colourful apron-clad crew at Spuds & Aprons, located at 109 Mount Faber and get set to be high on life, laughter and a little lazing with friends and loved ones in our new F&B joint. We are sure you’ll be a self-professed Mount Faber food junkie in no time!"

109 Mount Faber Road, Level 2, Singapore 099203
+65 6377 9688
 Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm (Sun to Wed) | 11am to 12:30am (Thu) | 
11am to 2am (Fri & Sat & Eve of Public Holiday)

The Jewel Box FB // Singapore Cable Car FB

- - -

OOTD for the night!
Super love this Maxi Dress which Jj got it for me!!! 
Didn't take much good shots for it since it was night time.... can't wait to wear it again and take better pictures :)

Thank you Mount Faber Leisure Group for the lovely dinner and thank you, you lovelies for reading!!
Till then, Xx

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