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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Busy is the New Happy

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New launch over at ONMI.SG !

Just some pictures to share while I work on a new post!!
Coming up later on today/Wednesday~

And oh btw, today I tried the Highly Raved New KFC Rice Bucket. I totally broke my NO-CARBS DINNER just for this cuz everyone said it was sooooooooooo good! GOOD MEH???!!??! I beg to differ cuz I really don't think it is nice... except maybe for the popcorn chicken?? But c'mon, all popcorn chicken tastes great please!! Sigh I feel cheated :( 
Or did I just happen to eat it from a wrong outlet?? Lol. Okay maybe I shall give it a second chance and try it at another KFC outlet to see if it's really that good, or bad.

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