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Friday, February 14, 2014

❤       P1010077a
(BKK, 2014)


IMG_8943 USE
(throwback to our 1st Monthsary in Korea, 2012)

At first I wasn't looking for love.
I wanted no one in my life,
for I had totally given up.
All I wanted was to hide.

But for just a moment
I gave you a chance. 
I let my guard down, 
One last try at romance.

I never imagined that I
would find all this and more.
The best friend and lover,
that one could ever hope for.

A friend I can count on,
to listen and understand.
A lover, for me to hold,
that is truly a good man.

I love when you smile,
and all the things you do.
So I want you to know that
you're my dream come true.

I know in my heart now
that no one else will do.
Happy Valentine's Day Baby 
I'm so glad that I met you

Love you big love 

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