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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February Hair + Nails + New Phone Screen!!

My current hair now~

2 weeks ago, I went back to my trusty salon I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu to get my hair done before Valentine's! A little sad though because Lily was overseas so it was her colleague, Pauline who managed my hair!

Here's a shot of Pauline working on my hair & me acting like I am reading the magazine.. lol

Well... I actually told Pauline that I wanted to do Ombre hair, starting with dark brown and slowly fading into blonde~ Not sure if she didn't understand or I wasn't clear with my words??
But my hair didn't turn out as what I expected.

I mean it is STILL NICE and pretty!!
The ashy-blonde tone was TO DIE FOR!! Just that I wasn't mentally prepared to go all blonde again you see... hahah so I was a little shocked upon seeing the colour of my hair after shampooing :O 
It's all okay now though! ;)

And as always... I would do the the NP 3.1 Neoprocess Treatment.
(3 steps treatment)

NP 3.1 Neoprocess Treatment from Japan is a long-lasting effect that regains the shine of the hair by penetrating into the hair nutrients and reviving its energy.

Some benefits of the system include removing substances that cause acidity to the hair, moisturizes deeply to improve hair protein, strengthens hair, and prevents loss of nutrients.

Recommended treatment system for:
Dry/damaged hair
Colored hair
Perm/Rebonded hair
Hair exposed to frequent blowdry

♢ ♢ 

On top of this, I also did a Scalp Treatment!
Focused on scalp concerns such as dryness and itchiness, Shiseido Fuente Forte Treatment eliminates sebum and impurities that cause scalp problems. It replenishes the scalp with moisture and creates a healthy scalp environment to promote the growth of beautiful hair and a light and airy texture. 
With Shiseido's unique cleansing mechanism, Fuente Forte keeps the scalp immaculately clean and leaves it feeling refreshingly COOLING.

I must emphasize the word cooling cuz it was really heaven on my scalp!! Super shiok!!!

♢ ♢ 

I  ✄  off about 1-2 inches of my hair too!
Was contemplating if I should go bangs again... but decided not to cuz it is my studying period now and having bangs is quite annoying yes?? Forever poking my eyes and bangs require longer maintenance hours in the morning when I wake up. Lol
So yeap, final results:

Colour in picture is a little off though cuz it is tending towards the yellow-gold-blonde if you get what I mean!
Guess its due to the lighting?? Will show you better pictures in a bit!!

Together with Shanice~
hair appointments are never boring anymore because I have her for company for almost every session ^_^

Picture taken using my phone that same night~

So... the next day when I woke up, I immediately jumped off the bed to see how my hair looks like!
THANKFULLY... the curls were still there and it was in a pretty good shape I'd say.
It was daytime too = sunlight, so I decided to snap more pictures for my hair!
Hair colour true to above picture - Ashy-Blonde! 
Really love this blonde tone!

Natural sunlight is indeed the best filter for your photos! ;)
Sorry no pictures of my face cuz..... I snapped this within 5mins after I woke up lol.
#nomakeup pardon me hehe

Hair done by Pauline of I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu
**My appointed hairstylist is however, Lily Xu**

I can't wait to go back to find Lily and get my Ombre hair done! ^_^
Far East Plaza #01-35
14 Scotts Road (S) 228213
 : 6737 5311
**Mention 'SHENNYYANG' to get 10% discount off chemical services**

♢ ♢ 

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Yesterday's face to find Mynt to fix my nails!!

Secret snapshot of Mynt working on my nails~

This time round.. I requested for a set of CHANEL inspired nails + ALOT ALOT OF BLINGXBLINGX!
Blingx and glitters are my all time favourite, I can never do without them in any set of nails!!

Soooooo chio and blingzz I can die!!!! :O

Notice the blingx crystals on my pinky and index finger??
They are NOT just normal silver swarovski crystals.. But they are HOLOGRAM CRYSTALS!!

Definition of Hologram: a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.

So therefore, the hologram crystals kind of give off different colours when you shift your fingers around...

I used my macro lens and managed to take a super close up shot of the Hologram crystals on my phone~
See!!!!! SO PRETTYYYY *gasp* 
Hahahaha sorry I can't help it....


20140224_183639_mr1393319800987 20140224_182937_mr1393319734856

20140224_183656_mr1393320004038 20140224_183644_mr1393319889798
Selfies with my new pretty nails!!


And guess what..... I just did my nails yesterday and now, I already have in mind what my next set of nails gonna be..
Hahahaha am I crazy or what!?
Thank you Mynt for always pampering me & my nails!!! I love you!!! ^_^

Girls, go get your nails done too! 
It really makes your mood so much better, swear!! Lol its like a stress reliever.. Hahah

♢ ♢ 
Current Special Promo: $30 for Classic Gel Manicure
Mention my name "Shennyyang" to get additional $5 off!!!
What a great deal!?!?!

For enquiries and booking of appointments:

For more information, visit her website at:
Instagram/twitter: @myntelicious

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Btw, also just wanna share with you my new phone screen/icons that I've been so obsessed about! Lol

So yesterday when I was doing my nails... I was seriously on the verge of dozing off. I am a pig like this. Hahaha I can sleep the entire day and still feel tired?? Sigh. Right, so just then I was fiddling around with Mynt's phone and realised her phone icons DAMN CUTE.
She then introduced to me the app called "Cocoppa" and taught me how to customise my own icons!!

I know Cocoppa's been around for quite some time and have seen alot of friends tweeting/instagraming about it, but lazy ass me didn't bother about it and I thought it looks too chim for me. Hahahaha. So well.. after Mynt did an example to show me, I kept myself busy the entire nail session trying to customise my icons!!

I am so in love with my phone more than ever now! Lol

My main phone page!
It has all the things I would usually use - Camera/Gallery/Editing apps/Chat apps etc.
The bottom row are apps I frequently, or rather, ALWAYS use. 

Only thing that is bothering me is that blue little bird (Cubie) chat app for Jj. 
I can't customise that!! Sigh pie I am so sad................. 

b c
2nd page aka Media page. Consists of all my Facebook/Twitter/Askfm/Dayre(which I haven't been using since forever~~)/Emails/News/Blog etc~ 
I especially love the icon for my la!! 

3rd page: Random apps here and there! Love the Unicorn & Hungrygowhere icon!

d e
4th page: Even more random apps~ Lol
And also a screenshot of some customised icons I did to my Chat apps + Photo editing apps!! :D
5th page is my Youtube widget  and 6th page is my calender widget!

The wallpaper also damn nice yes??

Hahah ^_^
ok abrupt ending here, thank you for reading! 
❤ ❤ 

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