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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lissa: Pure, luminescent skin from every pearly drop

Hi guys!!!!!
GOSHHHH have I been away for too long?? Hehehe. Sorry for neglecting this space for such a long time~ Travelling proved to be too tiring!! All I look forward to every night was my daily cheap massage and sleeping.. Will blog more about my trip soon!!

So anyway... you guys should know the weather in Phuket is crazily hot and sunny!!
So how do I still keep myself fair?? Well, other than applying sunblock, here's another secret!!

Lissa is a skincare product that moisturizesm, tones and whitens your skin. Lissa is an all-in-one product that controls oil and functions as a makeup base. Lissa is versatile enough for both day and night use.
Properties of Lissa:
Anti aging
Skin rejuvenation
Helps remove dead skin cells

Lissa contains pure, Grade A pearl ions to pamper, purify and exfoliate your skin from within, using only natural minerals.
Benefits of pearl:
Collagen rejuvenation
Radiant glowing skin
Heals acne and blemishes
Firms skin
Repairs sun damaged or scarred skin
Reduce freckles/skin discoloration
Minimise large pores
Increase elasticity


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So as you can see from the ingredients... it is all natural & organic! It is suitable for use on all skin types and textures!

Personally, I'd apply Lissa first, before my SK-II Miracle Water followed by my usual DRx Skincare products! 
It doesn't clash with usage of other products as Lissa is 100% organic and chemical free!


Really like it cuz it really makes my complexion fairer and BRIGHTER!! I have really dull skin so the difference is pretty obvious! It also helps to control oil on my T-Zone area which I major love cuz I don't have to touch up my powder as frequently hehe :) Applying Lissa before make-up also helps to protect your skin!

Sometimes I'd actually also apply some on my elbow/knee cuz you know, skin around these area tend to be darker and dry!

If you're interested in this whitening product from Japan, you may contact them for orders/emquiries at:
Quote my name "shennyyang" for a 10% discount!


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