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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Well, this post is a lil' late, but better late than never.
2013 was a year filled with ups and downs~ I don't like harping on unhappy things so here's a recap of some amazing times in 2013!
"Sometimes you have to look back in order to realise how far you have come"

May not be a huge deal to most of you out there... but it really was a big step for me.
Never once thought that this day would come!? I sorta 'vowed' to myself that I'll never get a license and never drive a car cuz I'm pretty bad in directions.. and, its better to be chauffeured around right?! 

But well, there came a point when I realised I couldn't and shouldn't always depend on someone else and so fine day, I woke up and dragged my mum to CDC centre to register driving. Glad I made this choice :)

Submitted my blog entry like 1 day before the closing date and was really, REALLY SHOCKED that I was the winner!! Actually, I was told that I was a consolation winner but later found out that I was the Grand Winner when I was there to collect my consolation prize.
Well, I sold this little baby away in the end cuz I honestly did not use it at all and it's just a pity that its lying around in my room,doing nothing but collecting dust~


Again, a really last minute decision to participate in this online blogging competition hosted by Cineleisure x Nuffnang!

When the first round of results came out, I was ranked 8th?? Somewhere there.
Truthfully speaking, I was disappointed.. but then again I wasn't ready to quit. Cuz its not like its entirely hopeless (like rank 20++ or what). There's still a chance I might climb up to to the Top 3?? So I continued... and really Thank God I made it!!
I was the 2nd Runner up and was also crowned the Overnight Sensation!!

Hahahah sometimes thinking back about the competition days, honestly I cringed a little??!!
Can't believe I did it?? Haha somemore not like I am damn young anymore? I was competing against those 18 or 19 years old bloggers and I just felt like this super Dajiejie beside them~

Because I was in the 3rd place, one of my prize included this amazing camera - Olympus EPL5 which I have been using since then! Most of my blog pictures are taken using Olympus too :)

Also, another prize was this poster smacked right outside Cineleisure!!!
It was meant to be up for only 3 months but they extended it to 5 months (YIPPEEE!!!!). 
Lol well, ever since this poster was up... everyone started remembering me as the "Cine Girl". I'll have friends telling me that their friends would ask them "Eh your friend is that cine girl ah??" Hahahaha

Had my first ever flea together with Karx!! 
Didn't manage to clear everything but it was a good experience!

Hair Sponsor - Shunji Matsuo!
In this span of 8 months, I changed the colour of my hair more than my entire 22 years of living. Lol
Thank you Shunji Matsuo for always giving me the prettiest hair ever!!

Beauty Sponsor - The DRx Clinic
For the first time, I did changes to my face - Botox and Fillers.
Well, some may say I am dumb or what but I clearly do know what I am doing ok?? 
I don't think my looks have changed much honestly (so I don't get it why people say I look plastic lol, its the makeup people!!). I still look like me, but an enhanced version which I like. 

My skin complexion has also improved tremendously after using their products. Even my mum commented it a few days back that my skin was no longer breaking out like it used to. I was really so happy to hear that!! Cuz if someone so close to you can tell the difference, it really must be quite significant enough! :D

Through DRx, I also got to know Frans and she's just such a dear to me!!
I don't have much blogger friends that I can really relate/communicate to so I am really glad to have her in my life. Also, thank you Chester for bringing me into DRx and my wonderful Dr Yanni for being my awesome appointed doctor!!

Nails Sponsor - Myntefingers
I could still remember the joy I had when Mynt dropped me an email saying that she would like to sponsor me!! *JUMPS* Hahaha I've been wanting a nail sponsor for the longest time pleaseeee. 

Also I am really glad when Mynt told me that I've brought in a lot of business for her. Thank you readers for trusting me and dropping by Myntefingers to fix your nails!! I hope you girls like your nails yea?? :)
Btw, *SHOUTOUT SHOUTOUT* Quote my name "Shennyyang" to waive off CNY Surcharges! ;) Damn good deal ok!

Managed to visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka this year!
At the famous Shibuya Junction

P1010213 12.51.08 AM

Eating my favourite crepe at Harajuku






P1010157 12.51.09 AM
Had the yummiest sushi ever!!

Read my posts on TOKYO here .

A beautiful and modern city yet stuck in time.


P1010468 11.57.27 AM


Read my post on KYOTO here .

P1010556 1.02.25 AM

P1010575 1.02.25 AM
which I haven't blogged about..... I promised I'll do it sometime next week ok?? lol
It'll be a Guide to Osaka so stay tuned!!

We also popped by Hong Kong right after Japan!
P1010041 11.58.26 PM

And celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary in Hong Kong :)

I also managed to visit my Second Aunt in Hong Kong before she passed away... :'(
Here's a shot of my Er Yi Ma and my HK Cousins.
I was in a complete shocked/dumbfounded when I found out that my aunt passed away few weeks after I came back.. She looked fine when I visited her in the hospital and thought that she'll be discharged soon?? My HK Cousin and I were also discussing the possibilities of bringing her back to Sg to visit my Grandma/other relatives one last time... sigh

Life is really short and we'll never know when's our last day. So live life as though you'll die tomorrow. 
Do the things you want before you do not have the chance anymore.
Sounds cliche but its so true.

Visited Mystical Myanmar with my Mum and Erjie!
It was meant to be a family trip but my Dad fell ill and couldn't make it in the end :(



I'll blog soon about Myanmar too, promise!!
Here's a visual post on Myanmar  if you'd like to see it.


The last time when I visited Genting was..... more than 10 years back. LOL
Really happy to be able to revisit this place! Absolutely love the cooling weather!



Post birthday dinner at The Olives!
Super duper yummy!!

It was also my FIRST time playing bowling!! Lol sua ku like this~
Read my Guide to Genting here .

We also dropped by KL for a short while from Genting~
Need to visit KL again and find all the awesome food place!!

Getting lost will help you find yourself"
I love the joy derived from travelling... anyone able to relate to me?? Each time I travel, I learn more about myself. It broadens my horizons and teaches me things I'll never learn or see in Singapore.
The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page. True that!

Had my 23rd Monochrome Birthday Party
Am I in denial??? Hate it when people asked me for my age these days cuz I can't even bring myself to say that I am.... 23. :( 
and well, YES I AM TURNING 24 THIS YEAR. What shit is this argh....
BUT, I am still really young at heart ^_^

Received my first Chanel!! Thank you Jj!!
Contrary to popular belief, I am actually NOT rich at all...
Really. I am just from a normal family just like most of you out there and I don't own alot of luxury items either. So I hate it when people always stereotype me and think that I am some high maintenance girl and say nasty stuff about me on online forums. :(

Was invited to USS HHN3 :)

Invited to Sentosa Spooktacular 2013 where I met a lot of famous Thai actors!

Halloween @ Zouk!

Had 2 beach parties 3 times in the same month!


Siloso Beach Party Countdown 2014

Family, Bf, Friends
Thankful that everyone are still by my side and none has left me. I know of my shortcomings... and I have the WORST temper and attitude ever but all of you still accepted the way I am. :) To my 2 best friends, Stef and Karx, thank you for always being there for me. Some friends come and go but I know you two are here to stay! Here's to more lepak days!! Lol. And to Jj, thank you for being so loving and forgiving! No one dotes on me like you do! I love you!! And to my family, I hope all of us will stay healthy and bond more often ok!!



These were definitely memorable memories from 2013 which I'll hold dear to my heart and will always remember!

However, life is not always smooth sailing. I screwed my exams up and having to repeat one more year was clearly a really, really big setback. I disappointed myself, my parents and everyone else who trusted that I'd do well. It's January now and its high time i get back on track and start revising for the upcoming exams. Been procrastinating for the longest time.. parents had been nagging for the longest time as well. YES I WILL STUDY HARD, CHIONGGGG AND DO WELL :D

Also, this year, I passed my SIA Interview (freaking happy!!!?!??!?) only to be let down when I didn't clear my medical test. No one knows what went wrong too.... Sigh. Guess it wasn't fated. Not sure if I am gonna try it once more?? Sick of the many interview rounds. So intimidating. Honestly, I am lost. I am clueless on what I want to do in the future and it sucks because I am 24 this year and I am still this clueless little soul wandering around.
I want to be able to do something I LIKE and LOVE. And not just for the sake of money. 
"Do something you like and you'll never have to work a day."
Someone... HELP ME :(

I've also lost a dear one this year and it made me realise how fragile life is. Dad's health wasn't at all good this year too. He's been in and out of the hospital so many times that mum made a joke the other day that we know SGH so damn well now. I may not be always talking to my parents (cuz sometimes we ended up quarrelling lol & I really hate quarrelling, so I'd rather not talk at all) but I am always concerned about them and I hope they know this.  I know I've disappointed them countless times... JC, Uni.. but they continued trusting in me and have this faith that I'll do well. That I appreciate and I love you Pa Ma!!
I will try my best this year and I will also try to stop being so lazy!!
I'll pack my messy room before I jet off to Phuket/BKK okay????? :D

Resolutions have almost been the same every year too.
Be healthy, earn more money, save money, get skinnier, get good results, find a good job, travel more, spend more time with family....
Also, a huge thank you to all my readers who have stayed by me through these years!! I may not be as popular as other bloggers out there but I am happy enough to know that there are people like you guys who are always wanting to read my updates, leaving me positive and constructive comments!! 
I wouldn't be where I am today in this blogosphere so thank you to all of you out there!!

Just some quotes I really like..
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” 

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.”

With this, I wish each and every one of you a blessed & fulfilling 2014!!
Let's all write a good one this year!



  1. I spy me hahahahaha & yesss always tell ppl you're v real just like how you present yourself on your blog!! Way to go shenny!! :)

    1. Aww you so sweet dear!! HAVE FUN IN HONGKONG if i got time/$$ i go visit you <3 hahahahaha

  2. Hi Shenny!
    How long did you wait until you received notification that you did not clear the SIA medical test? Did they inform you by a letter? Or?